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Mundane Muggle Words

While it is fun to learn some new and unusual words, perhaps it would be a good idea to focus on some mundane words that are not easy to unscramble. So instead of a list this time there is a quiz of twenty bingos. 10 of 7 letters and then 10 of 8 letters. First the 7 letter words: A A B E G L R D E E L O P R A E E L O P R A E F I M R R A A E L M O T A F I I L R T A G N O R S T A I L S T U W C D E I M O R D E M N S T U All of them are words that you should not have to ask what they mean. Just because they are mundane words though does not mean that you would use them eve

Hilarious Bifarious Arious

Roger Cole-Baker spoke to me on club night. He had finally got to play a bingo he had been seeking for some time. The eight letter word he played used the letters: AIPORSUV I remembered that it was from a list I did for the club before I started blogging online. It was bingos using the letters ARIOUS. There were fond memories about that for me because on that night my first 5 turns were bingos. I have never done that since. If I could go back and look at that night's results I would, but this was before Julie started doing her excellent work putting all the results online. That night was even more amazing because I brought along the ARIOUS list and the first of those 5 consecutive bingos was

Put Some Zing in Your Game

We are having a look at the letter Z today because two plays involving that letter spring to mind from the first day of the Mt Albert Tournament. One was involved the possible plays to hook three letters in front of ZINGS when the S was on the Triple Words Square in the middle of the board. The other was when I challenged off GUIZE. My opponent was thinking of the word AGUIZE, which is allowed. This week’s quiz will be about the front hooks for ZINGS. There are 9 possible words, but you need a blank to play BUZZINGS, FIZZINGS or RAZZINGS so you are just being asked to find the other 6 words. Answers at the bottom of the page. The list will be some less common five letter words with a Z, whic

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