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Give Me A Call

For this blog you don’t have to find any 7 letter words. You just have to unscramble the letters below to find one 5 letter word and five 6 letter words A A C L L A A C L L H A A C L L I A A C L L N A A C L L S A A C L L U Scrabble isn’t just about playing 7 and 8 letter words to get the 50 point bonux for a bingo. It is also about getting a reasonable score from awkward letters where there are duplications. One of the words I have played frequently when I have too many A’s and too many L’s is the 5 letter word you are being asked to find above. I found a couple of other words

In a Tight Pinch

On Monday night I played Antonia and she started the game with VIG. With mostly consonants on my rack I played PINCH using her I. That left an interesting position where I was wondering what 4 letters I could add to PINCH to get to the triple word score. So before you move on to the rest of the blog have a think about what words you would be willing to try playing. P I N C H ? ? ? ? In our actual game I cost myself two missed turns because I had a B. First I tried putting 'bars' to get down to the triple word score . It looks unusual, but I was pretty sure that a pinchbar was another word for crowbar. it was challenged off, but a check on the internet later th

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