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Effing Wonderful

FABLE (5) FAUNA (2) FIELD (12) FLAME (1) FLING (17) FLINT (1) FLOWN (1) FLUID (2) FLUNG (1) FORCE (2) FOUND (5) FRAME (5) FRERE (1) FRUIT (3) FULLY (12) None of the above words are particularly unusual, but they have been chosen because they might well be played at the start of a game with the F on the double letter score and the last letter in the centre of the board. All of them can be turned into an 8 letter word with the addition of 3 letters in front of them so that you get the triple word score. Some of them have lots of different ways of achieving that objective. Plays like this don’t happen every day, but they can be wonderful plays that you remember long after the event. One that st

Bemix Jumbo Combo

AABHM AABMP ABEMW ABHIM ABMOZ ABMUY BCEMO BEEJM BEMOP BEMOY BHIMO BKMOU Just like the 3 words in the title, the letters above all make a word of 5 letters containing B, M and at least one other letter worth at least 3 points. There are plenty of other words that also fit those criteria, but I have selected those 12 combinations to challenge you to find the words you might know. Hopefully you will learn some new words as well Each combination only makes one word THE ANSWERS HAMBA A South African exclamation telling someone to go away. It is worth remembering that it cannot be pluralised with an S at the end, but that it can have an S at the start to make SHAMBA. Only then can an S be put at t

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