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K - L - P

Sometimes I do a blog to reinforce an area of my own knowledge where I have been found wanting. In this case I was playing a game where my opponent played the word PALK. I wasn’t sure about it, but it seemed vaguely familiar so I didn’t challenge. Later in the game I put an S on it and PALKS was challenged off. When checking later I discovered that PALK wasn’t a word in the first place. That cost me the game, so the least I could do was make sure it didn’t cost me a valuable learning experience. The following are all the 4 and 5 letter words that use the letters K - L - P 4 Letter Words KLAP To slap KELP To burn kelp seaweed. Takes a front hook to make the word SKELP KIL

Getting to the Base

Thank you to Liz Fagerlund who contributed the quiz below - (Patrick) In the first round of the “Virtual World Scrabble Cup” being played on ISC, Patrick was one of the 5 NZ players. NZ played Ireland. In one of his games Patrick played AIRBASE, a not too difficult 7 letter word for him. He probably also knew that it had an anagram - (ARABISE) There are a lot of words that end with BASE – see how many you can find: 1 letter in front – ABASE (done for you – just too easy!) 2 letters (4 words) 3 letters (6 words) – 1 being Patrick’s AIRBASE 4 letters (6 words) 5 letters (2 words) 7 letters!! (1 word) Just while you are thinking about words that end in BASE h

Add Another Vowel

AINOP = __________ AINOP + A = __________ ADILU = __________ ADILU + A = __________ ADILU + E = __________ AALMU = __________ AALMU + I = __________ ELOUV = __________ ELOVU + E = __________ AABIL = __________ AABIL + E = __________ AABIL + U = __________ ADMOU = __________ ADMOU + A = __________ AGORU = __________ AGORU + E = __________ AGORU + I = __________ HIORU = __________ HIORU + O = __________ It is a frequent problem at scrabble that you have too many vowels on your rack. 5 letter words that have 3 vowels are often played to help balance your rack. With some of those words you can rearrange the letters and ad

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