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The design of RTC IPC is simple. First, we have used TCP/IP protocol . That’s why the voice quality is also extremely high. The role of the server is to control the flow of network traffic and to ensure the accuracy of the data. Also, according to the need of the application, the server needs to receive multiple simultaneous requests. This is very difficult to achieve if the application is running on the client . There are also many applications that are used for real-time chatting with multiple users simultaneously, such as with large-scale email-based messaging tools , voice applications , IM , and so on. RTC IPC aims to provide these kinds of interfaces and real-time synchronous communications . Requirements Analysis {#s3b} --------------------- A detailed analysis of the requirements of the application is required to build a distributed architecture. The following requirements are needed for the application: - To store the messages in the database. - To support an easy-to-use asynchronous chat application. - To support the application of the multi-user real-time synchronous services. - To integrate the real-time voice communication to the existing system. - To satisfy the high-quality real-time audio streaming from the client. - To provide a secure mechanism for the client. - To use an enterprise-level authentication and authorization mechanism. - To provide a standard format for the messages. - To support various multimedia files. - To have an external-view application. - To be able to perform intensive processing during real-time communication. - To allow the developer to handle the queries or the queries to the server when needed. - To handle the data streaming and the information using the query. In this paper, we will use SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to build the first phase of the system. The Architecture {#s4} ================ The whole architecture is divided into two parts. The client-server architecture is the basic layer of the system. A client of the system is a program (user-side software) and the server is a program (system-side software) in the system architecture. 1. The first phase




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123 Flash Chat 8.0 Crack karesma
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