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Twice cooked chips can be tasty

I would be the first to admit that the list this time isn’t the most high probability words that you will get to play frequently, but maybe it will give you some insight into the weird way my mind works. An advert on TV mentioned a type of dried chili called CHIPOTLE. I knew the word, but it occurred to me that it would be very difficult to spot that at scrabble. Further investigation revealed it had an even more interesting anagram – HELICOPT – which means to travel by helicopter. It must be a modern word rather than an archaic one, because helicopters haven’t been around that long. It somehow doesn’t seem right, particularly when you use other parts of the verb such as “I think I will go helicopting today.” Anyway it seemed like a really nice little anagram pair. Julie and I like to watch some Master Chef programmes know about twice cooked chips, so I looked at the first 4 letters of chipotle and wondered how many 8 letter words there were with exactly 2 anagrams. Yes, the probability of playing them is not high, but aren’t they interesting words that you would just love to put on your menu?

CHIPOTLE HELICOPT CIPHERED DECIPHER UNCIPHER PUNCHIER PATCHING NIGHTCAP EUPHORIC POUCHIER CHICKPEA PEACHICK EMPHATIC EMPATHIC OUTPITCH PITCHOUT PITCHERS SPITCHER Nice front hook! It means to be doomed. POTICHES POSTICHE Jars with tapering neck. Wig or added ornament. CHEAPING PEACHING Taking the cheap option. Informing on someone. CHARPAIS HAIRCAPS Indian beds. PROCHAIN PAROCHIN Nearest in time. Scottish parish. HAPTENIC INCHTAPE Like a haptene (antigen). Tape marked in inches. CAMPHIRE CHAMPIER Old spelling of camphor. Broken up by trampling. CALIPASH PASHALIC Part of a turtle. Territory of a pasha (Turkish official.) PINOCHLE PHENOLIC A card game. A synthetic resin. PHRATRIC PARRITCH Relating to a clan. A soft oatmeal. ORPHICAL RHOPALIC Mystical. Each word being increased by a syllable. EPITHECA PETECHIA An outer cell layer. A small bleeding spot on a body.


Oldwife is not what you think. It is a duck which is also called an OLDSQUAW. That is certainly something to look out for if SQUAW is played on the board.

The list on this blog was unusual words with a low probability, so the quiz is on high probability 8 letter words. There is a good chance you will get an opportunity to play some of these:

A – A – E – E – I – L – N – T

A – B – E – E – I – L – R – T

A – C – D – E – E – I – N – U

E – I – N – O – R – S – V – U

E – I – L – O – R – R – T – U

A – E – G – I – N – O – P – T

A – D – E – H – N – O – R – S

A – C – E – I – M – N – O – T

A – E – E – I – L – L – R – T

A – A – E – E – G – N – R – T

Cheers Patrick

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