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Aye Aye Sir

There are a few words that end in a double I. The 5 and 6 letter words can be good dumps for some awkward letters. Some of the 7 and 8 letter words are quite common letters that would make great bonus plays if only the unusual ending was easier to spot!

AALII A tropical tree FILII Sons GENII Very intelligent people MEDII Middle fingers MODII Roman units of measurement for grain. RADII Arm bones. TORII Gateway to a Shinto temple

CONGII Roman units of measurement for liquids. KAWAII Japanese type of cuteness such as Hello Kitty merchandise

BACCHII Grammatical terms for short syllables followed by two long ones DENARII| Roman coins DOCHMII Grammatical arrangements with 5 syllables NAUPLII larval forms of some crustaceans RISORII Muscles at the corner of the mouth SENARII Grammatical arrangements with 6 syllables SPLENII neck muscles

DUPONDII Roman coins PERRADII Primary radii of animals like jellyfish or corals RETIARII Roman gladiators using nets SARTORII Thigh muscles SEXTARII Roman coins STADEDII Middle ear muscles TRAPEZII Large muscles from base of skull to the middle of the back

They are all plural forms of -IUS endings except for AALII, TORII and KAWAII, so don't try playing aalius, torius or kawaius!


Tigerly is quite interesting because you can also have tigery which also means like a tiger. With a lot of animals you can’t even have the –Y ending. For example, liony, leopardy, chickeny, pigeony or even birdy are no good. Some animals take the –Y ending, such as COWY, FOXY or WORMY, but I couldn’t think of any others that were allowed an –LY ending. So why are tigers so special? Can anyone think of any other animals that take an –LY ending?

This week’s quiz will continue the Aye-Aye theme by having two of that letter in every word, but there won’t be any that end with a double.

A – E – I – I – L – N – R

E – E – I – I – M – S – T

A – E – I – I – N – R – T

E – I – I – L – S – T – T

I – I – N – O – T – T – U

E – E – I – I – N – T – V

D – E – I – I – L – M – N

A – I – I – N – R – S – Y

A – F – I – I – L – N – T

A – C – I – I – O – R – S



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