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Give Yourself An Extra 20K

K probably isn’t studied as much as the J, Q, X or Z. The list of words with those letters is a bit smaller than those with a K making them easier to study. e.g I looked at 4 letter words and found there were only 25 words of that length with a Q, 87 with an X and about 140 for J and Z. In comparison there are 659 words of 4 letters that include a K. A much more daunting study project. So rather than try to provide you with an exhaustive list I have chosen 20 words including a K that I am hoping you might not know. Maybe one of them will prove to be useful.

BORK To denigrate a job applicant for partisan reasons. BORKED, BORKING DAWK The Indian postal system. DUKA An African store. HAKU Kingfish. This is the alternative name in Maori JUKU A Japanese school that prepares students for entrance to university KAAL South African term for naked. Does not take an S. KEEF State of dreamy intoxication from cannabis. Also KAIF, KEF, KIEF, KIF KHAF 11th letter of Hebrew alphabet. Also CAPH, KAF, KAPH, KHAPH KHUD An Indian ravine or pit KIEV Meat fillets coated in Breadcrumbs. KIEVS is good and so is KIEVE KLAP Slang term for slap. KLAPPED, KLAPPING KOAP A slang word for sex in Papua new Guinea KOFF A small Dutch boat. An S goes at either end. KOFFS and SKOFF KOJI A Japanese fungus which breaks down soybeans into soy sauce KUEH An Asian cake usually made from glutinous rice KURU A disease of the nervous system. Endemic to Papua New Guinea PENK A small fish like a minnow RAKU A type of earthenware made in Japan RUKH An enormous bird of Arabian legend. Also ROC, ROK, RUC WAKF The donation of money or property for pious reasons. Also WAQF.

The last word, and the alternative spelling, were both allowed into our dictionary about 15 years ago. It didn’t take long for someone to point out that the easy way to remember them was Want A Kinky F…. and Want A Quick F…. Obviously that is a bit unkind considering the generous and religious origins.


SICARIO is a hitman, particularly in South America. Another word for a foreign criminal that has made its way into English is PENTITO and the plural PENTITI which is a mafia informer.

This time the quiz has only 5 combinations of 8 letters, each including the letter K. There are still 10 words to find as there are 2 words for each combination

A – E – I – K – N – R – S – T

A – B – E – I – K – N – S – T

A – B – E – I – K – N – R – S

A – C – E – I – K – N – R – S

E – I – K – N – N – O – R – S

Cheers Patrick

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