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February 24, 2018

One of my previous blogs was devoted to 5 letter words that have 4 vowels. However for the less experienced scrabbler there are probably more opportunities for keeping their rack balanced by playing a 4 letter word with at least 3 vowels. There are 99 words that fall into that category. It feels as though at least one of these words is used in every game I play. They are almost like the basic building blocks of scrabble. Do you know all 99 of the words that have been used to build this wall?


ACAI                AEON              AERO              AGEE               AGIO               AGUE

            AIAS                AIDA               AGUE              AIDA                AINE

AITU                AJEE                AKEE             ALAE               ALEE                ALOE

            ALOO              AMIA               AMIE               ANOA              AQUA

AREA               ARIA               ASEA               ATUA              AUAS              AULA

            AUNE              AURA              AUTO              AWEE              BEAU

CIAO               EALE                EASE                EAUS             EAUX               EAVE

            EEEW              EIDE                EINA                EINE                EMEU

EOAN              EPEE                ETUI                EUGE               EUOI               EURO

            EVOE               HIOI                HUIA               IDEA                IDEE

ILEA                 ILIA                 INIA                IOTA               IURE                 IXIA

            JIAO                KAIE                KUIA               LIEU                LUAU             

MEOU             MOAI              MOOI             MOUE             NAOI                 OBIA

            OBOE              ODEA              OGEE              OHIA               OLEA

OLEO              OLIO               ONIE               OOSE              OOZE              OUMA

            OUPA              OUTA              OUZO             PAUA              QUAI

RAIA               ROUE              TOEA               UNAI               UNAU             URAO

            UREA              UVAE              UVEA              VIAE                ZOEA


Some of you may have noticed in the previous blog how many words have been adopted from other languages. English has always done that, but when they have been in use long enough they no longer seem foreign. Imagine that you are transported back to the 18th century. Having nothing better to do you steal a march on Alfred Butts, the real inventor of Scrabble, by pretending to invent it yourself. As usual you pick up a bunch of vowels, so you play ARIA. "You can’t have that" they say. "We’re not going to play your new game if you allow Italian words!"




Since this blog has been on 4 letter words with vowels the quiz will celebrate the most useful four letter word. So all these 7 letter words have EUOI in them:


D – E – I – O – S – U – V

E – I – G – O – R – T – U

E – G – H – I – O – R – U

A – D – E – I – M – O – U

E – H – I – N – O – S – U

E – I – N – O – P – T – U 

E – I – M – O – T – T – U 

E – I – M – O – S – T – U 

E – I – L – L – O – R – U 

E – G – G – I – O – S – U



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