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How To Piss Off Your Opponent

I finally managed to play OLIGURIA last week. Although I had known it for a long time, it was the first time I had played it. There are quite a few related words, so I thought a list involving them would be a good idea.

You might be lucky enough to get a bonus word including U.R.I.A but it is more likely that you are trying to play off those 4 letters to keep your rack balanced when you have two A's and/or two R's or something. There is no 4 letter word with U-R-I-A so you can't play them just by themselves. If the problem was too many T's instead of too many R's you could play AITU. That word does seem to be played quite frequently. With no 4 letter word for U.R.I.A you will have to play a 5 letter word through another letter on the board. How many 5 letter words can you think of that including U.R.I.A?

There are 17 words of 5 letters like that, but some are not well known, so it would be really impressive if you could think of them all. Even an A Grade player would be doing well if they could think of 10 words, so less experienced players should be happy with a score of 5.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

While you think about that here are all the 7 + 8 letter words that end with –URIA

DECURIA A company of 10 or more roman soldiers under a Decurion.

DYSURIA Pain in passing urine

LIPURIA The presence of fat in the urine

ACIDURIA Excessive acid in the urine

AZOTURIA Excessive urea in the urine

CHYLURIA Having urine containing chyle or fatty matter making it look milky

ISCHURIA Retention of urine

NOCTURIA Excessive urination during the night

OLIGURIA Scantiness of urine in comparison to liquid intake

PLANURIA The discharge of urine through an abnormal passage

POLYURIA Excessive urination

With the exception of DECURIA there are a lot of words there that you would rather not know too much about, but which could be very useful in turning an awkward bunch of letters into a game winning advantage.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to play one of those -URIA bonus words, but you are more likely to play a 5 letter word including those letters as a way of keeping your rack balanced. So make sure you know all the words in the next list.

How did you go on the 5 letter words including U-R-I-A?

RUBAI A Persian verse form with 4 line stanzas

URBIA Cities

AURIC Pertaining to, like, or composed of gold

CAURI A former monetary unit of Guyana

CURIA A court of justice

AUREI The plural of AUREUS, a coin of Ancient Rome

URAEI The plural of URAEUS, an Egyptian symbol of kingship

RAHUI A Maori prohibition

KAURI A tree

URALI the plant from which curare is obtained

URIAL A wild sheep of central Asia with long curved horns

MAURI The Maori term for the soul

NAIRU An acronym from Non Accelerating inflation rate of Unemployment

RUPIA A skin ulcer covered with dead tissue

QUAIR An obsolete term for a quire or a book

URARI Another spelling for the plant from which curare is obtained

AURIS The ear

Hopefully some of those will be useful. Happy scrabbling.



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