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I Don’t Drink, But Still Hate The D.T.’s

I have a theory that the letters D and T don’t go together particularly well. You may think that I am being very picky and that there are far worse combinations, and you would be right. W and U for instance are not a good match. But just looking at letters you would normally welcome on to your rack they go together less well than other combinations. That is because there are few words which had DT or TD next to each other in sequence whereas D and R go together as a combination in words like DRAIN and GARDEN. Similarly R and T combine in words like TRAIN and BARTER

The D.T.’s is a common term for Delirium Tremens. A withdrawal syndrome occurring in people who have developed a physiological dependence on alcohol, characterized by tremors, visual hallucinations and autonomic instability. I don’t have tremors when I get D and T on my rack, but I do try to avoid them. Here is some statistical evidence to back up my case:

If you keep R & T there are 4725 sevens you might be able to play at your next turn

If you keep N & R there are 4231 sevens

If you keep N & T there are 3712 sevens

If you keep L & R there are 3524 sevens

If you keep D & R there are 3489 sevens

If you keep L & N there are 3143 sevens

If you keep L & T there are 3053 sevens

If you keep D & N there are 2865 sevens

If you keep D & L there are 2526 sevens

If you keep D & T there are 1995 sevens

You may say that 1995 is still a lot of words, but scrabble is a game of probabilities and it makes sense to give yourself as much chance to be lucky as you can.

So instead of an initial quiz this week I am devoting this whole blog to a list which will help you deal with the D.T’s. You will already know DEAREST, SAINTED and ARIDEST and would have found one of the multiple other anagrams anyway. This is a slightly different list. These are the 57 words which contain the letters DRST and have no other anagram:

DASTARD A coward

ADRATES The price at which businesses pay to advertise

DAFTARS Military rooms for orderlies in india

DAYSTAR The planet Venus when visible just before sunrise

BUSTARD A bird of the crane family

DRASTIC This can be either an adjective or a noun, so DRASTICS is good

COSTARD A large round apple

CUSTARD A mixture of milk and eggs

DOTARDS People who dote

STRAFED Attacked with machine gun fire from an airplane

RADGEST Most radge, which is Scottish for angry or lustful

SMARTED Caused pain

STRAYED Wandered

DUSTRAG A rag used for dusting

DIARIST Someone who keeps a diary

INDARTS To dart in. (Also ENDARTS, but that has other anagrams)

ASTROID A geometrical figure with four cusps

DISPART An archaic term for splitting into two

RITARDS Musical passages with a gradual slowing of the tempo

SATYRID A brownish butterfly

STRANDS Leaves in an unfavourable situation

TOWARDS In the direction of

UPDARTS To dart upwards

BEDREST Confinement to bed for health reasons

BURSTED Broke open violently

DISTURB Interrupt

CRESTED Reached a peak

DOCTORS Treats medically

DROSTDY A type of South African house


DEXTERS Cattle from a small Irish breed

DYESTER Someone who dyes cloth

FRISTED Postponed

TRUDGES Walked tiredly

SKIRTED Passed along the border

WRISTED Passed the puck along the ice before shooting at Ice Hockey

STROKED Rubbed gently

STORMED Blew violently

ROOSTED Prepared for sleep by perching

SPURTED Gushed forth

RUSTRED Pierce with a rustre (A lozenge with a circular opening)

TRYSTED Had an appointment with

SUTURED United by sewing

RESTUDY To study again. (You should restudy this list tomorrow!)

HOTRODS Cars that have been converted to increase speed

DROUTHS Droughts

NITRIDS Compounds of nitrogen

DISTRIX The splitting of hair ends

STRIDOR A harsh shrill sound

DISTORT To twist or bend out of shape

DISRUPT Throw into confusion

RUDISTS Cone-shaped extinct molluscs

DRYLOTS Enclosures for livestock

STRONDS An archaic word for strands or beaches


STROUDS North American Indian blanket

I am hoping there are some interesting words there to add to your vocabulary.

Happy Scrabbling


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