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A Racist Blog, not a Racist Tweet

One group of letters that I really like is R-A-C-I-S-T. Even though you have a C and not an E there is quite a good chance that the 7th letter will make a bonus word. In addition there are some interesting unusual words that may well draw a challenge, so part of this blog will be devoted to listing those possibilities.

To make a puzzle that ties in with that theme imagine that your opponent starts the game with the word BLACK. They might start on the centre square because that scores 36 points. I am sure you will have already thought of some three letter extensions to reach the edge of the board, but did you know there are 12 words that fit the pattern B L A C K - - -

Of course your opponent might be afraid that you will play one of those words and might play BLACK finishing on the centre square and scoring only 32 points. However there are 2 words that fit the pattern - - - B L A C K

That makes 14 words in all that you can try to think of before checking the answers at the bottom. Good luck with that. Now let us have a look at RACIST:

RACIST + A = CARITAS Love for all people. It needs the S. CARITA is not correct

RACIST + B = CABRITS A type of antelope

RACIST + C = ARCTICS Waterproof overshoes

RACIST + D = DRASTIC A severe purgative. DRASTICS is correct as well

RACIST + E = ATRESIC Relating to the absence or closure of a body passage

CRISTAE The plural of CRISTA which is a fold resembling a crest

RACIEST Most racy

STEARIC Pertaining to or obtained from STEARIN or TALLOW

RACIST + G = GASTRIC Relating to the stomach

TRAGICS The elements of a drama that produces tragedy

RACIST + I = SATIRIC Resembling satire

RACIST + K = KARSTIC Landscape composed of limestone features

RACIST + L = CITRALS Lemon flavourings

RACIST + M = MATRICS A shortened form of matriculations

RACIST + N = NARCIST Somebody who loves themselves too much

RACIST + R = TRICARS 3 wheeled cars


SACRIST A church official in charge of the sacristy

RACIST + T = ASTRICT To bind or restrict by moral or legal obligation

TRIACTS A 3 rayed sponge spicule

RACIST + U = URTICAS Any plant of the nettle genus

RACIST + W = TWISCAR A turf spade

RACIST + Y = SATYRIC To do with Greek gods of the woodlands

RACIST + Z = CZARIST A supporter of having a CZAR

So how did you go with those BLACK words?

Adding on to the end of the word the obvious ones were BLACKENS, BLACKEST,

BLACKING and BLACKOUT, but there are also:

BLACKBOY An Australian tree.

BLACKCAP A small European bird

BLACKFIN A kind of tuna

BLACKFLY A kind of biting fly

BLACKGUM A kind of dogwood

BLACKISH Somewhat black

BLACKLEG To work despite the fact a strike has been declared

BLACKTOP To pave with asphalt

The two front extensions to BLACK are:

EYEBLACK Dark pigment applied under the eyes

NONBLACK Someone who is not black



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