Casting a Fresh Eye on Retina

June 9, 2018

The inspiration for this theme comes from Liz Fagerlund who mentioned a word she had played at the Nationals last week. It was a very good find because it was an odd group of letters and it was a 7 letter word ending –EYE. I wondered how many bingos ended with those 3 letters and it turns out there are 12 words of 7 letters and 7 words of 8 letters that end in –EYE. So that is your quiz for this blog. How many of those 19 words can you find? As usual the answers are at the bottom of the page.


I thought I would do a RETINA list, but as it is one of the basic word lists most of you will be very familiar with that. Some of the 8 letter words with RETINA are less well known and worthy of study, but that is a very big list. To give you something manageable I have chosen 8 letter RETINA words that don’t have any other anagrams. ATABRINE/RABATINE might be useful to know, but the fact that there are two words with those letters means they won’t be on today's list:


AERATING      Putting air into

NAARTJIE       A small sweet orange like a mandarin (Also NAARTJE, NARTJIE)


AERATION      Exposure to air

ANTIRAPE      Concerned with rape prevention

INAURATE      To cover with gold

ANTIWEAR     Designed to reduce wear

ATRAZINE       A weed killer

BACTERIN      A vaccine derived from dead bacteria

ACENTRIC       Being without a centre

ARENITIC        Like arenite, a rock made of sandy grains.

CLARINET       A musical instrument

TRANCIER      More TRANCEY, referring to a hypnotic like effect

INTERACT       Combine together

ANURETIC      The inability to urinate

NAVICERT      A document allowing passage through a naval blockade

XERANTIC       Relating to XERANSIS, a drying up

INDARTED      Darted in

ANTHERID      The male reproductive organ of some plants

DAINTIER       More dainty

DIPTERAN      Two winged insects like gnats and mosquitos

NITRATED      Applied nitrates (as fertiliser)

INERTIAE        A plural of INERTIA, the tendency to resist acceleration

ANTIMERE     One of two halves of bilaterally symmetrical animals

APERIENT       A laxative medication

RETAINER       One who retains

FAINTIER        More FAINTY, which is somewhat faint

INFLATER       One that inflates (also INFLATOR)

RETAKING      The act of taking again

RETAXING      The act of taxing again

ANTIHERO     A villain. A principal character who lacks noble qualities

PERIANTH      An outer covering of a flower

HAURIENT      A heraldic term meaning depicted with the head up (also HAURIANT)

TARWHINE     An Australian fish

INERTIAL        Tending to resist acceleration

TRIENNIA       The plural of TRIENNIUM, a period of three years

PAINTIER        More PAINTY, covered in paint

TRIAZINE        A nitrogen compound used in herbicides

JAUNTIER       More JAUNTY, briskly self-assured

KNITWEAR     Knitted clothing

INTERNAL       An inner attribute. INTERNALS is OK, even if it doesn’t look right!

RATTLINE       Any of the small lines making up the rigging of a sailing ship

INTERVAL       A time between periods or events

INTERLAY       To place between

TRAINMEN     Railroad employees

RUMINATE     To ponder

WARIMENT    Wariness

TYRAMINE     A colourless crystalline substance found in cheese

INERRANT      Free from error

INTRANET      A network of computers, such as within a company

ATROPINE      A medicine made from deadly nightshade (also ATROPIN, ATROPIA)

ANTERIOR      In front

TENTORIA      Plural of TENTORIUM. Protective brain & spinal cord membrane

NOTARIZE      Testify officially

TRIPTANE       A powerful aviation fuel

PAINTURE      The art of painting

EXPIRANT       Someone who is expiring

RETIRANT       Someone who is retiring (also RETIREE)

VERATRIN      A poisonous mixture of alkaloids

INTERWAR     Between wars

TINWARES     Articles made of tinplate

TAINTURE      Defilement

VAUNTIER      From VAUNTY, VAUNTIE or VAWNTIE, meaning boastful



There are some normal words in there with all the interesting odd ones, but don’t overlook the ones you already knew the meaning of. For example, I think NITRATED is a particularly difficult one to spot when you get those letters in front of you.


Before I give you the 7 and 8 letter EYE words I will give you another 7 words that I didn’t ask you to find. They are 7 letter words that end in EYES.


BIGEYES         Marine fishes with large eyes

BUGEYES        Small boats (No I wouldn’t have guessed the meaning either)

MAMEYES      Tropical plants

MUDEYES       The larvae of dragonfly, sometimes used as fishbait

REDEYES         Railroad danger signals

RIBEYES          Choice cuts of beefsteak

WAXEYES        Small New Zealand birds


The reason that I didn’t include these in your challenge is because there is an unusual one in there. MAMEYES is one of the plurals of MAMEY, so MAMEYE is not correct. the other plural is the more normal MAMEYS. Yes, it seems a bit weird to me too.


Anyway here are the 12 words of 7 letters:


BUCKEYE        the American horse chestnut

COCKEYE        A squinting eye

DEADEYE        A rounded wooden block used in making shrouds and stays

FISHEYE          A suspicious stare

FROGEYE        A plant disease

GOLDEYE        A freshwater fish

MOONEYE       A freshwater fish of the shad family

OVEREYE        To survey

PINKEYE         An inflammation of the eye

SHUTEYE        A period of sleep

SOCKEYE        A salmon. (And also an excellent find by Liz)

WALLEYE       An eye in which the iris is pale or whitish


And here are the 7 words of 8 letters:


AFTEREYE       To gaze after

BIRDSEYE        A kind of primrose

BULLSEYE       The centre of the target

GREENEYE      An Atlantic fish with pale green eyes

POPESEYE       Popeseye steak is thinly sliced rump steak

TIGEREYE        A gemstone. A golden brown striped form of quartz

WATCHEYE      An eye in which the iris is pale or whitish. (Same as WALLEYE)


Next time you go to a restaurant I dare you to ask for popeseye steak and see what reaction you get!




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