A Couple of Words With Trump & N. Korea

June 14, 2018

In searching around for a theme I looked at the big news of the week which was the American deal with North Korea. Inspiration didn't really strike me, so there a just a couple of snippets to be used as a quiz.


Your rack is:     N  K  O  R  E  A  ?    Can you use the blank to make a 7 letter word?


You have the letters   T  R  U  M  P   on your rack and want to get rid of those letters and keep the other ones (in other words you want to dump trump) Obviously you might play the word TRUMP, or play up to an S to make TRUMPS, but there is only one other word made using a letter on the board. To help you out, the letter you will need is an O. See if you can find a 6 letter word with   O  T  R  U  M  P


On a completely unrelated subject I thought I would do a list of 7 letter words with two I’s but without using endings like –ING, -IER and –IES.


These 53 words are all meet those conditions, don’t have another anagram, and are still reasonably probable combinations of letters. I hope that you will learn a few new words, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the ones you already knew. It is easy to miss them when you are looking for the more usual endings.


DIANOIA        Perception of experience as an inferior form of knowledge

DIARIAN         Pertaining to a diary

ANTIAIR         Directed against attacking aircraft

BAINITE          A byproduct of steel treatment

ROBINIA         A genus of leguminous (seed bearing) trees       

CILIATE           Possessing cilia (short hairlike projections)

DENARII         The plural of denarius, a Roman coin

INEDITA          Unpublished literary works

PERIDIA          The plural of peridium (a coating on a fungus)

GONIDIA         The plural of gonidium (an algal cell on a lichen)

LIANOID          Like a liana (a climbing plant)

SIALOID          Like saliva

DISTAIN          To stain or sully

DIARIST          Someone who keeps a diary

FILIATE           To bring into close association

IMAGINE         To form a mental picture

KAINITE          A chemical found in salt deposits and used as a fertiliser

RAMILIE         A type of wig

ANILINE          A product of coal tar used in dyeing

AIRLINE          An air transportation system

VIRELAI          An old French lyric form with two rhyme stanzas and short lines

AIRTIME         The period of time for a broadcast

EPINAOI         The plural of epinaos (a rear entrance hall)

INERTIA          The tendency of a body to resist acceleration

AXINITE          A type of silicate

LIAISON          A means of maintaining communication

NAUTILI          The plural of nautilus (a spiral shelled mollusc)

LIATRIS           An American plant with small white flowers

AMORINI         An Italian word for a lover

NOTITIA          A roll, list or register

NIOBITE          The chief ore of niobium, a ductile transition metal

ERICOID         Having heather-like leaves

EIRENIC          Conducive of, or working towards, peace

ONEIRIC         Belonging to dreams

DIETINE          A minor or local assembly of people

DOMINIE        A schoolmaster or tutor

URIDINE         A structural sub-unit of nucleic acids

DIORITE         A crystalline granular igneous rock

IVORIED         Made like ivory

TOLIDIN          A chemical compound

SORDINI         The plural of sordino (a mute or damper for a musical instrument)

DINITRO         Having two nitro groups

EMERITI         The plural of emeritus (a retired person who retains a title)

INVITEE          Someone who is invited

LIGNITE          Brown coal

INHERIT          To receive by legal succession

ETIOLIN          A yellow pigment found in plants starved of light

OLIVINE          A mineral, iron and magnesium silicate

INUTILE          Useless or unprofitable

LIRIOPE          An Asian herb

RILIEVO          The projection of figures or forms from a flat background

RIPIENO          A musical passage which is performed by the whole cast

SIRLOIN          A cut of beef from the upper part of the loin


All right, how did you go with this week’s quiz?


?NKOREA is a tough rack. It only makes the one word - KARENGO - a red New Zealand seaweed prized as a delicacy by the Maori. I thought it was curious that I hadn’t heard of it. However, when I researched it on the internet I found it was closely related to the Japanese NORI and the Welsh LAVER. I had heard of both and knew that there was a Welsh delicacy called LAVERBREAD which was really a seaweed. Isn’t it weird that I knew about the foreign edible seaweeds, but not the local one?


O TRUMP makes the word RUMPOT, which is a word to describe an alcoholic, presumably one who is fond of rum. Whatever faults Donald Trump may have, I don’t believe alcoholism is one of them, so:


You heard it here first folks. Fake news! Fake news!





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