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Men - More Useful Than Women

Yes, I know that is a controversial statement, but at scrabble it is definitely true. Consider the 7 letter words available. There are a couple of seven letter words that end in WOMAN, but UNWOMAN doesn’t really count for this list because unwomen is not a word. The only valid possibility is ADWOMAN/ADWOMEN.

If we move on to 8 letter words there are 8 possibilities for women/women words. How many of those can you think of? To put it a different way, if the opening play was WOMAN or WOMEN how many ways could you extend that back to the triple word score? The answers to this quiz are at the bottom of the page.

While you consider that we will look at the highly versatile man/men words. There are too many of these to include on one of my blogs, so I will concentrate on the 20 most probable ones in both 7 and 8 letter words:


FOREMAN/MEN Supervisors

FREEMAN/MEN Men who are free

GATEMAN/MEN People in charge of a gate

GLEEMAN/MEN Itinerant minstrels or musicians

HELIMAN/MEN Helicopter pilots

HOSEMAN/MEN Firemen who direct the stream of water

IRONMAN/MEN Men of great strength and stamina


LINEMAN/MEN Installers or repairers of telephone wire


RAILMAN/MEN Railway employees

REEDMAN/MEN Musicians who play a reed instrument

REELMAN/MEN Members of a surf lifesaving team who operate the reel

REPOMAN/MEN Repossession agent

SEEDMAN/MEN Dealers in seeds

SIDEMAN/MEN Members of a jazz band

TELEMAN/MEN Naval officers

TRUEMAN/MEN Honest men

WIREMAN/MEN Dealers in wire

ALDERMAN/MEN Members of a municipal legislative body

BRIDEMAN/MEN Attendants of the groom at a wedding

HORSEMAN/MEN Riders of horses

HOTELMAN/MEN Hotel managers

LIEGEMAN/MEN Feudal vassals



PROSEMAN/MEN Writers of prose

RADIOMAN/MEN Radio operators or technicians

PETERMAN/MEN Thieves skilled in safe blowing

REINSMAN/MEN Skilled horse riders

RIFLEMAN/MEN Soldiers who carry a particular type of gun

ROUTEMAN/MEN People who work along a particular route


SHOREMAN/MEN People who live by the shore

STEELMAN/MEN Workers in the steel industry

STOREMAN/MEN Storekeepers

TALESMAN/MEN Bystanders chosen to make up the numbers on a jury

TENORMAN/MEN Players of a tenor saxophone

TIDESMAN/MEN Customs officers

That is just a sample of how useful MEN can be. The full list would include about 150 combinations of 7 letters and the same amount or even slightly more in the category of 8 letter words.

That brings us back to the 8 words in the woman/woman list. How many did you find?

AIRWOMAN/MEN Female aviators

BATWOMAN/MEN An officer’s female attendants

CONWOMAN/MEN Female confidence tricksters

LAYWOMAN/MEN Female members of the laity

MADWOMAN/MEN Crazy women

PENWOMAN/MEN Women skilled in handwriting

SEAWOMAN/MEN Women serving at sea

TOYWOMAN/MEN Women who sell toys

I would hate to be thought of as politically incorrect, so to redress the balance a little I will point out that WISEWOMAN/WISEWOMEN are acceptable words. However apparently the purveyors of our dictionaries are not prepared to consider the possibility of there being a wiseman or wisemen. If you have the first word then at least you can play MANWISE, but there is no legal word with the second combination.

Happy Scrabbling


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