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Is That Really a Verb?

This is a list of some 8 letter words ending in –ING. It was inspired by my spotting an anagram pair both of which I would have considered challenging because they looked as though the base word was a noun rather than a verb. That pair was:

BAGELING Beating someone 6-0 at tennis. The zero is referred to as a bagel

BEAGLING Hunting with beagles

I have chosen 8 letter words to look at for this because it means the past tense of BEAGLED and BAGELED are also words of bingo length.

After being inspired by that pair here are some other offerings I have found:

ALIASING Providing with an alias

ANGELING Supporting financially

BINGOING Playing all your tiles for a bonus score in scrabble

BONUSING Playing all your tiles for a bonus score in scrabble

BLIMPING Swelling out

BOWERING Enclosing in a shady recess

BRANNING Soaking in water mixed with the out coat of cereals

BRAVOING Applauding by shouting “Bravo!”

BRISKING Making a quick movement

BUNCOING Practising a confidence trick

BUNKOING Practising a confidence trick

CABINING Living in a roughly built house

CARGOING Loading or weighing down

CHOIRING Singing in chorus

CHUMPING Collecting wood for a bonfire

CRUDDING Blocking with filth


DUALLING Making a road into a dual carriageway

FATWAING Threatening death by religious decree

FOLIOING Numbering the pages of a document

HAVENING Sheltering

HOVELING Living in a wretched dwelling

JETTYING Jutting out

MODEMING Transmitting by electronic device

MULESING Removing wool around the tail to prevent flies

ONIONING Applying an onion to

PRAWNING Fishing for prawns

PUMICING Polishing with soft volcanic rock

SIRUPING Making into a syrup

SYRUPING Making into a syrup

TABBYING Give something a wavy appearance

WILLYING Removing the impurities when making cotton

Happy Scrabbling


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