No! Put the 'S' on the Other End

August 19, 2018

There are some words that you might think take an S for a plural when in fact they don’t, but you can hook an S at the beginning instead.


The list below shows first the base word, followed by words made by hooking a letter in front and then finally any words that can be made by hooking a letter afterwards. Because the base word can never be followed with an S there might be no words in that final column.


Also, I am listing so many words, that I won’t be including the meanings, so if there are any that are interesting you will have to look them up yourself.


AVANT                        SAVANT                                                          AVANTI

AVINE                         RAVINE, SAVINE

CAMPI                        SCAMPI

CAPI                            SCAPI                                                              CAPIZ

ECCO                           RECCO, SECCO

EINE                            SEINE

EYEN                           SEYEN

HALLOT                      CHALLOT, SHALLOT                                      HALLOTH

HAMBA                      SHAMBA

HORE                          CHORE, SHORE, WHORE

HOTE                          SHOTE                                                            HOTEL, HOTEN

KIFF                             SKIFF

LEECH                         FLEECH, SLEECH

LIVED                          SLIVED                                                            LIVEDO

LUIT                            SLUIT

MEEK                          SMEEK

MUTCH                       SMUTCH

NEATH                        ANEATH, SNEATH, UNEATH

NOUT                          KNOUT, SNOUT

ODIC                           IODIC, SODIC

OLDE                           SOLDE                                                             OLDEN, OLDER

OLID                           SOLID

ORRA                          MORRA, SORRA

PATTEE                       SPATTEE

PHENIC                       SPHENIC

PIAL                            SPIAL

PICE                            SPICE

PITTEN                        SPITTEN

POOR                          SPOOR                                                           POORI, POORT

QUARE                       SQUARE

QUIZ                           SQUIZ

TANE                           STANE

TANNIC                       STANNIC

TEEK                            STEEK

TELA                            STELA                                                              TELAE

TELAE                          STELAE

TELIC                           ATELIC, STELIC

TOOK                          STOOK

TRIDE                          STRIDE

TROP                          STROP                                                            TROPE

TYTE                            STYTE

UNKET                        JUNKET, SUNKET, TUNKET


I hope you find a few chances to either surprise your opponent with a well-placed ‘S’ or to challenge them off when they put their ‘S’ at the wrong end.




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