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Two Chunky Letters

I thought it might be interesting to look at some higher scoring 4 letter words without listing the ones with J, Q, X and Z that everyone has already seen.

Let's use the letters H and K. How many 4 letter words can you list that have both an H and a K in them?

I am not even going to tell you how many there are. Just grab that scrap of paper sitting next to your computer and start writing down the ones that you know. I am sure that you can think of some!


Yes, I saw you scrolling down to the bottom of the page looking for the answers.

Back in the old days, before this blog, when I used to come to the scrabble club with a photocopied quiz and some interesting words lots of people would skip the challenge, turn over the page and go straight to the answers.

No doubt many people do the same thing with my blogs, but I thought I might make a special effort to stop you doing that with this challenge.

For a start, this is a challenge where EVERYONE can find some answers. Four letter words including an H and a K. You must be able to think of some!

Secondly I have a hunch that many people remember things better by writing them down. You don't have to write “I must do Patrick’s quizzes” 50 times on the blackboard like an old-fashioned punishment, but if you write down the words you can think of then maybe later you will also write in the answers you missed. We all learn in different ways, but isn't that worth a try to see if it works for you?

Have I persuaded you to have a go at the challenge?

<sigh> I thought not, but here are the answers anyway.

There are actually 49 words in this set of answers. I didn’t want to tell you that at the start because most people would have thought the task was too daunting.

We will start with a list of 15 well-known words, where I am sure you don’t need me to give you the definition:




You probably know most of these next 7 words, but I'll give you the definitions anyway:

ANKH An Egyptian symbol of life. Coptic Christians use this as their cross

HAKE A fish of the cod family

HANK To catch, as on a loop

HOIK To hitch up

HOKI (Maori) A type of fish with white flesh

HUCK To force roughly

KOHA A gift or donation made when visiting a marae

That leaves 27 words that I think are very unusual and only someone who has come across them in their area of special interest would know the meanings:

CHIK A slatted blind

DHAK A leguminous tree of East India and Myanmar

HAIK An Arab head-covering

HAKU (Maori) The kingfish

HASK A fish basket

HOKA (Maori) Red cod

HOKE To assign a false value

HOLK (Scots) To dig or burrow

HORK To spit

HOWK (Scots) To dig or burrow

HYKE An Arab head-covering

KAPH Another spelling for the 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

KESH The uncut hair of a male Sikh

KHAF The 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

KHAT A shrub of East Africa. Leaves are chewed as a drug

KHET The 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

KHIS The plural of KHI, the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

KHOR (Arabic) A dry watercourse or ravine

KHUD A pit, hollow or ravine

KISH Solid graphite which separates from hot cast iron

KOHL A think powder which is used as eye makeup

KOPH The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

KUEH A Malaysian, Indian or Chinese cake

LAKH (Hindi) A unit of counting one hundred thousand

OKEH An expression of agreement

RUKH An enormous bird of Arabian legend

SUKH An Arab marketplace

Happy Scrabbling


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