September Harvest

September 1, 2018

September is already here. Quite nice letters in SEPTEMBER, except for the fact that the only vowels are E’s. However there are still 11 words of 7 letters you can make out of those letters and one 8 letter word as well.


That is your topical quiz. How many of those words can you find out of the letters for SEPTEMBER.


September has reminded me that you can have too much of a good thing. E’s are nice, but when you get 4 or 5 of them you need some 5 letter words that help you play off 3 of them in one turn. Instead of giving you the meanings I have given you the words that can be made by hooking a letter in front or behind


BELEE                          BELEED,          BELEES

BESEE                          BESEEM,         BESEEN,          BESEES

DEERE                         DEERES

DEEVE                         DEEVED,         DEEVES

EERIE                          FEERIE,           PEERIE,           EERIER

EEVEN                         EEVENS

ELPEE                          ELPEES

EMCEE                        EMCEED,        EMCEES

EMEER                        EMEERS

EPEES                          TEPEES

ETWEE                        ETWEES

EXEEM                        EXEEMS

EXEME                        LEXEME,         EXEMED,        EXEMES

FEESE                          FEESED,          FEESES

FEEZE                          FEEZED,          FEEZES


GELEE                          GELEES

HEEZE                         PHEEZE,          WHEEZE,         HEEZED,          HEEZES


KEEVE                         KEEVES

LEESE                          LEESES


LEVEE                          LEVEED,          LEVEES

MELEE                         MELEES

NEELE                          NEELES

NEESE                         NEESED,          NEESES

NEEZE                         SNEEZE,          NEEZED,          NEEZES

PEECE                          PEECES           

PEEPE                          PEEPED,          PEEPER,          PEEPES

PEEVE                         PEEVED,          PEEVER,          PEEVES

PEWEE                        PEWEES

REEDE                         REEDED,         REEDEN,         REEDER,         REEDES

REEVE                         PREEVE,          REEVED,         REEVES

RESEE                          RESEED,          RESEEK,          RESEEN,          RESEES

SEMEE                        SEMEED

TEENE                         TEENED,          TEENER,          TEENES

TEPEE                          TEPEES

WEEKE                        WEEKES

WEETE                         WEETED,         WEETEN,         WEETER


Some good words, particularly the last one. Lots of hooks that your opponent might not know and be scared to try, but they may lose a turn by playing an S.


How did you go with the SEPTEMBER quiz?


The only 8 letter word was:


BEPESTER                   To pester


The 7 letter words were:


MEETERS                    People who meet

REMEETS                    Meets again

TEEMERS                    people who bring forth

BEEPERS                     Paging devices

TEMPERS                    Moderates by adding a counterbalancing agent

STEEPER                     A vessel for soaking a liquid in

ESTREPE                     To create waste as a tenant

PREMEET                    Taking place before a meet. Does NOT take an S

BEMEETS                    Measures

BETEEMS                    Guarantees. (Also BETEEMES)

BERSEEM                   A Mediterranean clover grown as a forage crop


Happy Scrabbling


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