Like a Novice, But Not For Novices

September 15, 2018


I came across a letter group the other day that I thought I knew was just NORITIC. However it had another anagram – TIRONIC. It means resembling a TIRO, a novice. TYRO is an alternative spelling, so TYRONIC is also good.


I wondered what 8 letter words could be made with TIRONIC plus one more letter on the board. It makes a word with 9 different letters. What caught my eye was that there was one relatively easy word that I have seen played several times, but I couldn’t remember seeing any of the others played at all. I did not even know some of the words. When one word in a group is played several times it makes me wonder how many chances are missed to play the other combinations.


Your quiz is to find words for TIRONIC plus B, D, E, F, G, H, L, N or S.


There is only one easy one, so novices can move on if they find that one, whereas experts can struggle a little longer.


This week’s related list is words ending in –IC that cannot be pluralised, but make a completely different word if you add an S.


ALGESIC          /          GLACISES

Sensitive to pain       /          Plural of GLACIS, a slope


ALGETIC          /          GELASTIC,       GESTICAL

Sensitive to pain   /  Relating to laughter   /       Relating to bodily motion


ALGINIC          /          SCAILING

To do with an acid obtained from seaweed         /          from SCAIL, to scatter


ANAEMIC       /          AMNESIAC

Suffering from anaemia       /          Someone who suffers from amnesia


ARGOTIC        /          ORGASTIC

Concerning a secret or special language     /        Pertaining to orgasm


MEIOTIC         /          COMITIES,      SEMIOTIC

Deliberately understating / Plural of COMITY, politeness / Of signs or symbols


MEROPIC       /          COMPRISE

Relating to MEROPIA, partial blindness    /          To include or contain


ONEIRIC         /          RECISION,      SORICINE

Belonging to dreams            /          A cancellation            /          Shrewlike


PEDETIC          /          PECTISED

Related to random movement of particles in a liquid    /   Congealed in a jelly


PTEROIC         /          PERSICOT

To do with an acid found in spinach          /          Cordial made with apricot kernels


SATIRIC          /          TRIASSIC

Of or like satire         /          Relating to the first period of the Mesozoic era


SATYRIC         /          SACRISTY

Like a Greek god of the woods       /          A room in which sacred objects are kept


STROBIC         /          CROSSBIT

Spinning         /          Past tense of CROSSBITE, to swindle


VENATIC         /          CISTVAEN       VESICANT

About hunting / Tomb covered by stone slabs / Something that causes blisters


OK, so let us have a look at the answers to the quiz:


The only easy one was FRICTION.

If you eat out a lot you might be familiar with ordering CROSTINI


A nice word. You can see what inspired the theme of this blog


An INDICTOR is someone who charges somebody else with a crime

Bornite is a valuable ore of copper and you are allowed the word BORNITIC

RETINOIC acid is derived from Vitamin A

TRIGONIC refers to something that has three angles

Ornithology is the study of birds and ORNITHIC relates to birds

NITROLIC is used to describe a general class or nitrous acids

INTRONIC is of or like an INTRON, an intervening sequence in a genetic code


To repeat my earlier comment:


If you play enough games of scrabble somebody plays FRICTION, so maybe those other 8 words should be played just as often.


Happy Scrabbling


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