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More Words With Five Vowels

I thought the quiz could be a little different this time. There are ten words of 8 letters that have 5 vowels, of which 3 of them are the letter I.

I have given you all the letters for them below, but just for a change I will also give you the meanings. That will definitely help you solve at least 2 or 3 of them.

AADIIINR A congenital condition in which the eye is incompletely formed

AAIIILMR A skin condition

AAIIIMNR A preliminary stomping and glaring ritual in Sumo wrestling

ACCIIIOT A South American tree whose seeds are used in paints and varnishes

ADIIIQRU A cocktail

AEIIINTT To begin or start

AEIIIRRT Gladiators armed with nets

CDEIIIOS Stupidities

HIIIOOPP (Maori) The New Zealand pipit (a bird)

IIIOSTTU A marmoset (type of South American monkey)

Some words there you should find and some very unlikely ones as well. I thought the most surprising thing was that if your rack was AAIIIMR that there would be two different letters you could look for on the board to try to play a bingo.

There are nearly 500 words of 8 letters that have 5 vowels. The ones above are perhaps some of the more unlikely ones, so this week’s list will be the 50 most probable ones:

AERATION Exposure to the action of air

AEROLITE A meteorite

ETAERIOS Aggregated fruits like blackberries

DOUANIER A customs officer

OUTRAISE To surpass in raising

SAUTOIRE A long necklace or a pendant on a long chain.

IDEATION The power of the mind to form images

IODINATE To treat with iodine

TAENIOID Like a tapeworm

INERTIAE Tendencies to resist acceleration

ERIONITE A mineral which occurs in white woollike crystals

INAURATE to cover with gold

AEROTONE A deep bath with massage jets of compressed air

UNEASIER More mentally or physically uncomfortable

AERADIOS Canadian air radio services

OLEARIAS Types of evergreen shrubs

AERONAUT A traveller through the air

ERADIATE Shoot out like a ray of light

ALIENATE To make different or unfriendly

ALEURONE A protein found in some seeds

ETOURDIE (French) foolish or thoughtless (of a female)

THIOUREA Urea with the oxygen replaced by sulphur

NOTITIAE Lists, rolls or registers

AGOUTIES Burrowing rodents

AREOLATE Divided into areolae

METANOIA Penitence or spiritual conversion

ETIOLATE To make pale by preventing exposure to sunlight

FOEDARIE A confederate

OEDIPEAN Pertaining to libidinous feelings of a son towards his mother


DETAINEE One who is detained

EATERIES Restaurants

AURELIAN Someone who studies moths and butterfies

UREDINIA Pustules in which urediniospores are formed

DOULEIAS Inferior venerations accorded to saints and angels

AEGIRINE A green mineral, a silicate of iron and sodium

AEGIRITE A green mineral, a silicate of iron and sodium

AUDITEES People who are being audited

ARANEOUS Transparent, delicate, like a spider’s web


AUREOLED Surrounded with a halo

AUREOLES Surrounds with a halo

EUDAIMON A benevolent spirit

POULAINE A pointy toed shoe worn by a jester

MOINEAUS Small flat bastions protecting a fortress under construction

DEIONISE To remove ions from

OILERIES Oil businesses

DIALOGUE To hold a conversation between two people

EULOGIAS Blessings or holy breads (also EULOGIAE)

TAENIATE Ribbonlike, Shaped like a ribbon

I see a lot of words that have either been played by me or played against me. It is definitely worth the effort of trying to memorise any that you didn’t know.

Here are the answers to the quiz:











The next blog will be after the Mt Albert tournament. I hope you are playing

Happy Scrabbling


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