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Put Some Zing in Your Game

We are having a look at the letter Z today because two plays involving that letter spring to mind from the first day of the Mt Albert Tournament. One was involved the possible plays to hook three letters in front of ZINGS when the S was on the Triple Words Square in the middle of the board. The other was when I challenged off GUIZE. My opponent was thinking of the word AGUIZE, which is allowed.

This week’s quiz will be about the front hooks for ZINGS. There are 9 possible words, but you need a blank to play BUZZINGS, FIZZINGS or RAZZINGS so you are just being asked to find the other 6 words. Answers at the bottom of the page.

The list will be some less common five letter words with a Z, which also make a 6 letter word with the addition of another letter:

AZUKI A Japanese bean

AZUKI + D = ADZUKI A different spelling of the same bean

GAZAL A Persian verse form

GAZAL + H = GHAZAL A different spelling of the same verse

ZAMAN A type of mimosa

ZAMAN + G = ZAMANG A different spelling of the same mimosa

MATZA An unleavened bread

MATZA + H = MATZAH A different spelling of unleavened bread

MATZA + H = HAZMAT Hazardous material

MAZUT Petroleum residue after distillation

MAZUT + O = MAZOUT Also petroleum residue

ZAMBO The offspring of a negro and an American Indian

ZAMBO + O = BAZOOM A woman’s breast

COLZA A variety of cabbage

COLZA + O = ZOCALO A Mexican public square

WANZE To decrease or waste away

WANZE + D = WEZAND The windpipe

WANZE + E = WEAZEN To become dry and shrivelled

MUZAK Piped background music

MUZAK + B = ZAMBUK A member of NZ St John’s Ambulance Brigade

MUZAK + Y = MUZAKY Like piped background music

KRANZ A crown of rock on a mountain top

KRANZ + T = KRANTZ A different spelling of the same crown of rock

ZINKE An old German wind instrument

ZINKE + D = ZINKED To coat with zinc

ZINKE + D = ZENDIK An Arab who practices religion

ZINKE + A = KAIZEN A Japanese method of improving work practice

ZLOTY A monetary unit of Poland

ZLOTY + E = TOLZEY A merchant’s meeting place

Hopefully it is easier to learn the similar 5 and 6 letter words as a combination.

At the very least I hope you have picked up a few new words.

How did you go with the ZINGS quiz?

The 6 possible words are:

BOOZINGS Acts of boozing

CRAZINGS Patterns of fine cracks

GLAZINGS Works done by a glazier

GLOZINGS Flatteries

GRAZINGS Lands used to feed animals

SEIZINGS Acts of one that seizes

Happy Scrabbling


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