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Hilarious Bifarious Arious

Roger Cole-Baker spoke to me on club night. He had finally got to play a bingo he had been seeking for some time. The eight letter word he played used the letters:


I remembered that it was from a list I did for the club before I started blogging online. It was bingos using the letters ARIOUS. There were fond memories about that for me because on that night my first 5 turns were bingos. I have never done that since. If I could go back and look at that night's results I would, but this was before Julie started doing her excellent work putting all the results online. That night was even more amazing because I brought along the ARIOUS list and the first of those 5 consecutive bingos was an 8 letter word using the letters:


As this blog is going to be the second coming of that letter group the last word for your opening quiz is a word which means the second coming. It uses the letters:


I won’t put the answers at the bottom of the blog this time, you will just find them as you read through this week’s list.

ARIOUS is not a combination like SATIRE or RETINA for which you try to keep the letters because if you can get it the combination goes with almost anything.

It may be only a moderately good stem, but it seems to be one that you wind up with on your rack without even trying. Although there are not many words, a lot of them are very interesting. We will start with the 7 letter words:

ARIOUS + A = SAOUARI A Guyanan butternut tree

ARIOUS + C = CARIOUS Describes teeth that are infected with decay

CURIOSA Rare and curious books

ARIOUS + D = SAUROID A type of fish

ARIOUS + G = GIAOURS People of a different religion

ARIOUS + L = OURALIS Plants from which curare is harvested

ARIOUS + R = OURARIS A different spelling of the same curare plant

ARIOUS + S = SOUARIS A different spelling of the butternut tree

ARIOUS + T = SAUTOIR A long necklace or pendant on a long chain

ARIOUS + V = SAVIOUR One who saves

VARIOUS Of diverse kinds

And these are all the 8 letter words from the ARIOUS stem:

ARIOUS + AK = OUAKARIS Short-tailed, long-haired monkeys

ARIOUS + AL = RAOULIAS A New Zealand plant (that I wouldn’t recognise)

ARIOUS + AP = PAROUSIA A coming, especially the second coming of Christ

ARIOUS + AS = SAOUARIS Guyanan butternut trees

ARIOUS + BC = CARIBOUS Large Canadian deer

ARIOUS + BM = BIRAMOUS Divided into branches

ARIOUS + BP = BIPAROUS Producing offspring in pairs

ARIOUS + CG = GRACIOUS Marked by kindness and courtesy

ARIOUS + CS = SCARIOUS Thin, dry and membranous

ARIOUS + DN = DINOSAUR Any of a group of extinct reptiles

ARIOUS + DS = SAUROIDS The plural of a certain fish

ARIOUS + DT = AUDITORS People that audit

ARIOUS + ET = OUTRAISE To surpass in raising

SAUTOIRE Long necklaces or pendants on long chains


ARIOUS + GM = GOURAMIS Large East-Indian fishes

ARIOUS + GN = AROUSING Stimulating


ARIOUS + HP = OPHIURAS members of the ophiura genus of sand stars


ARIOUS + LM = SOLARIUM A room exposed to the sun

ARIOUS + LP = PLIOSAUR A type of fossil marine reptile

ARIOUS + LT = SUTORIAL Related to cobbling

ARIOUS + LW = WOURALIS Another spelling of plants which yield curare

ARIOUS + MN = MAINOURS Acts of theft

ARIOUS + MR = ORARIUMS Stoles worn by a deacon

ROSARIUM A rose garden

ARIOUS + MS = OSSARIUM A depository for the bones of the dead

ARIOUS + NQ = NARQUOIS Mocking or malicious. Adopted from French

ARIOUS + NT = RAINOUTS Atomic fallouts occurring in rain

SUTORIAN Related to cobbling

ARIOUS + OV = OVARIOUS Consisting of eggs

ARIOUS + PV = PAVIOURS People or machines that lay paving stones

ARIOUS + ST = SAUTOIRS Long necklaces or pendants on long chains

ARIOUS + SV = SAVIOURS People that save

ARIOUS + TT = TOURISTA Traveller’s intestinal sickness

ARIOUS + TV = VIRTUOSA A female virtuoso

You have to admit there are some interesting words there. And isn’t that why we play scrabble? Because we like interesting words.. If you are still wondering about the title of this blog; BIFARIOUS is an allowable 9 letter word meaning organised in two rows. In this case the two rows are the 7 letter words and the 8 letter words

Happy Scrabbling Patrick

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