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X Marks the Spot

Bob Jackson stole a game off me at the weekend which he seemed destined to

lose. He was helped by his fine play of EXUVIUM a few turns from the end.

After a play like that I thought the theme of this blog should be the letter X

So we will start off with a short quiz of 3 bingos including an X




Bingos are rare with an X. The list for this week is a fairly random collection of 15 shorter words using an X. I hope I have chosen some that you do not already know.

BRUX A verb meaning to grind teeth together

JAXY The posterior. Also JAXIE, JACKSIE and JACKSY

MYXO Australian slang for myxomatosis, a rabbit disease

YUNX The wryneck, a bird related to woodpeckers. Also JYNX

BOXLA A form of Lacrosse that is played indoors

HYRAX A small mammal a bit like a hare

IXNAY A contradiction. Essentially it just means "not"

KYLIX A shallow two handed Greek drinking cup

MIXTE A type of bicycle frame

MUREX A genus of shellfish which yields a purple dye

REMEX One of the large feathers of a bird’s wing

URBEX A recreational activity of urban exploration

CARFAX A place where four roads meet. Also CARFOX

EXODOI The plural of EXODOS, a concluding scene

HALLUX The big toe

How did you go with the quiz at the start. They were all words you might have been able to work out:




I certainly hope you got that last one. All scrabblers should know their lexicon!

As well as the normal plural of LEXICONS another plural of LEXICA is allowed. Because it is a plural you cannot put an S on that, but it does take an L for LEXICAL

A short blog this week. I got back late on Sunday from Dunedin, where I did not play as well as I should have. Congratulations to Dylan Early for being the star of the NZ Team. Unfortunately his efforts were not enough for us to beat Australia

Happy Scrabbling


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