Building Block Bingos

December 10, 2018

The blog is almost entirely  quiz this week because I am covering some basic 7 letter bingos that everybody ‘should’ know. However, I suspect that many intermediate players either do not know some of them or would struggle to find the word if they got them on their rack.


How well do you know your building block bingos?


The quiz has 32 words, but they are all such common letters that zyzzyva, my word program, lists them as being in the top 100 most probable words if you just drew tiles out of the bag at random. The reason there are 32 words, and not 100, is because I have chosen only the words which have no second anagram. It is even more important to know the word when there is only one possibility


AEEIORT                    ADEINOR                   AEINORS                    AEINOST        

AEGINOR                   AEGIORT                    ADEILOR                    AEILNOS

AEILOST                     AEIINRT                     ADENORT                  AEONRTU

EILNORT                     EINORTU                   AEEILNR                    AEEILNT

AEEINST                     AADEIOR                    AAEILNO                   AAEILOR

AEINNOT                    AAEEINT                     AEENORS                 AEEORST

DEEINOR                    EEILNOR                     EEILORT                    EEIORST

ABEINOT                    ACEIORT                     AEIMNOT                   ADGEIOT


Remember you are looking for just one answer to each of these combinations. If there are any of them you didn’t know it is a virtual certainty to come in handy for you sometime soon.


Just before you move on to the answers. Until a few years ago the most probable single anagram combination was AEIONRT.


The word OTARINE is an adjective referring to an OTARY with is an eared seal.

In one of the updates to our dictionary a new word came in which uses the same letters: NOTAIRE, a French writing desk. Now those two words are listed as numbers 1 and 2 in terms of probability.


All the answers are below. The number in brackets refers to the probability rating.




ETAERIO         (3)                  An aggregated fruit like a blackberry

ANEROID       (4)                   A type of barometer

ERASION        (10)                The act of rubbing out

ATONIES         (11)                Muscular debilities

ORIGANE       (18)                 Marjoram

GOATIER        (19)                 More like a goat

DARIOLE        (44)                A cylindrical mould used in cooking

ANISOLE         (53)               A colourless liquid ether

ISOLATE          (54)               To set apart

INERTIA          (55)               The tendency of a body to resist acceleration

TORNADE       (56)               An alternative name for a tornado

OUTEARN       (61)               To surpass in earning

RETINOL         (62)               A liquid hydrocarbon

ROUTINE        (69)                A regular course of procedure

ALIENER         (70)               Someone who transfers property

LINEATE          (71)               Marked by lines

ETESIAN          (74)              A recurring NW wind in the eastern Mediterranean

AERADIO        (77)               A Canadian radio service for pilots

AEOLIAN        (78)               Pertaining to the wind

OLEARIA         (79)               A genus of evergreen shrubs

ENATION        (80)               An outgrowth

TAENIAE         (86)               Narrow hair ribbons worn in Greece

ARENOSE       (87)               Sandy

ROSEATE        (88)               Resembling a rose, or overly optimistic

ORDINEE        (89)               Someone who is being ordained

ELOINER         (90)               Someone who is removed to a distant place

TROELIE          (91)               An Amazonian palm tree

EROTISE         (92)               To give a sexual meaning to something

NIOBATE        (93)               A salt of niobium

EROTICA         (96)               Erotic books, art, etc.

AMNIOTE       (99)               A vertebrate with an embryonic membrane

GODETIA        (100)            A genus of plants closely related to the evening primrose


Where you surpised at the meaning of ALIENER? It cerainly looks like it means more alien, doesn't it? That isn't even an alternative meaning. ALIENEST is not a word at all. That is a shame because it is a very nice set of letters and it is quite surprising that it doesn't make an 8 letter word



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