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Too Much of a Good Thing

The letter E is a very useful one for scrabble, but it is certainly possible to have too much of a good thing. We have all had pickups which have resulted in getting 4 or even 5 of them at the same time.

Fortunately there are lots of words which can be played using several of them in one turn. This week the list will be 5 letter words with a triple E. We can all think of a few – like GEESE – but it seems a bit of a waste to play an S in a five letter word for what will presumably not be a huge score. However there are 31 words of 5 letters that have a triple E and do not have an S.

This would be a good moment to pause before you move on to see how many of those words you could have thought of for yourself

BELEE To put on the lee side

DEERE An old spelling of the word DEER

DEEVE To deafen. Can also be spelled DEAVE

EERIE Uncanny

EEVEN The latter part of daylight hours

ELPEE A long playing record

EMCEE To serve as a master of ceremonies

EMEER An Eastern ruler

ETWEE A small ornamental case

EXEEM To release or exempt

EXEME To release or exempt

FEEZE To unsettle

GELEE A cosmetic gel

HEEZE A Scottish word meaning to lift or hoist

JEEZE An expression showing consternation. Also JEEZ and GEEZ

KEEVE A large tub. Can also be spelled KIEVE

LEEZE Scottish for ‘lief is me’ – an expression of affection

LEVEE To attend a reception

MELEE A confused struggle

NEELE An old spelling of the word NEEDLE. Can also be NEELD

NEEZE Scottish for sneeze

PEECE An obsolete spelling of the word PIECE


PEEVE To irritate

PEWEE A small, olive-brown North American bird

REEDE A counseller. Can also be spelled REDE

REEVE To fasten by passing around or through something

TEENE An injury or pain

TEPEE A conical North American tent. Can also be spelled TEEPEE

WEEKE An old spelling of the word WEEK

WEETE To know

Happy Scrabbling


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