Don't Let These Letters Derail You

Mt Albert is holding a tournament this weekend, so it seems like a good moment for B and C Graders to review some high probability bingos.

DERAIL is not one of the big 3 letter groups – RETINA, SATIRE and SATINE, but it is still a useful one to know. It makes at least one bingo with 16 different letters, including all 5 vowels. See how many of the 16 combinations you can fill in a word for and then scroll down to see the answers.

D E R A I L A ________________

D E R A I L B ________________

D E R A I L C ________________

D E R A I L D ________________

D E R A I L E ________________

D E R A I L G ________________

D E R A I L I ________________

D E R A I L L ________________

D E R A I L O ________________

D E R A I L P ________________

D E R A I L R ________________

D E R A I L S ________________

D E R A I L T ________________

D E R A I L U ________________

D E R A I L V ________________

D E R A I L Y ________________

Some of them have several answers, but just one word per combination is enough for the quiz.

An experienced A Grade player should be able to get most, or even all of those, but someone in the B Grade should be very happy if they can get 12 out of 16. If you are in the C Grade then a target of half – 8 out of 16 – is challenging enough.

OK, we will have a look at the full list:

A = RADIALE A wrist bone, plural RADIALIA. With S the only word is SALARIED

B = BALDIER From the adjective BALDY – having no hair

BEDRAIL A rail that runs along the side of a bed

BLADIER From the adjective BLADY – grass that has a wider blade

BRAILED The verb BRAIL means to haul in a sail

RAILBED The bed of a railway track

RIDABLE Capable of being ridden. Can also be spelled RIDEABLE

C = DECRIAL A clamorous censure

RADICEL A rootlike organ or part

RADICLE A rootlike organ or part

D = DIEDRAL The angle between two planes. Also DIHEDRAL

DRAILED The verb DRAIL means to make something dirty by dragging

LADDIER From the adjective LADDY – Laddish behaviour

E = LEADIER From the adjective LEADY – resembling lead

G = GLADIER From the adjective GLADY – full of glades

GRAILED The verb GLAIRE means to coat with egg whites

I = DELIRIA The plural of DELIRIUM, a state of wild excitement

IRIDEAL Belonging to the iris family

L = DALLIER Someone who dallies

DIALLER Someone who dials. Also spelled DIALER

RALLIED Called together for a common purpose

O = DARIOLE A small, cylindrical mould used in cooking

P = LIPREAD To understand by watching the lip movements of the speaker

PEDRAIL A tractor with attachments on the edge of its wheels

PREDIAL A rural slave. Also PRAEDIAL

R = LARDIER From the adjective LARDY – similar to lard

S = DERAILS Causes something to leave the rails

DIALERS People who dial

REDIALS Dials again

SIDERAL An adjective describing something sent from the stars

T = DILATER Something that causes enlargement

REDTAIL A species of hawk

TRAILED Dragged along behind

TRIALED Made a judicial examination

U = UREDIAL Relating to an UREDIUM – a pustule containing spores

V = RIVALED Tried to equal or surpass

VALIDER More valid, sound or adequate

Y = READILY In a prepared manner

I hope this list keeps you on track for lots of wins this weekend

Happy Scrabbling


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