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Effing and Double Effing

This week’s list is going to be the words that end in the letter F, but can also have another F placed at the end of the word to make a word ending in two F’s

There are 18 words like that, but I will give you the two letter ones as an example:




That just leaves you another 15 words, assuming you want to have a little think before you move on to read the list.

They are almost all words where the initial word has 3, 4 or 5 letters. There is only one that is a 6 letter word extended by another F to make a 7 letter word.

CAF + CAFF Short for a cafeteria or café

DIF + DIFF Short for difference

DOF + DOFF DOF is a slang word for stupid. DOFF means to take off

KIF + KIFF KIF is dreamy intoxication. KIFF is excellent

RIF + RIFF RIF is to fire from a job. RIFF is to play a piece of jazz music

TEF + TEFF A type of cereal grass

HOUF + HOUFF A Scottish word for a place one might be found

HOWF + HOWFF The same Scottish word with a slightly different spelling

POUF + POUFF To give a puffed shape to the hair

SOWF + SOWFF A Scottish word to whistle or hum softly

SPIF + SPIFF SPIF is a special postage stamp. SPIFF is smart or spruce

DECAF + DECAFF Decaffeinated coffee


PILAF + PILAFF A dish made from rice and seasoned meat

SHERIF + SHERIFF SHERIF a descendant of Mohammed. SHERIFF a law officer

Hopefully there is something in that list for everyone. There were certainly a few that I didn’t know:

CAFF with the double F had me wondering whether I had seen it before, but I had no idea that DECAF could take another F. Although GONIF was in my vocabulary, the alternative spelling there was new to me as well. However the one that was most surprising was SPIF. I can’t recall ever seeing it played and since there is no anagram there must be some occasions when that word could be very useful.

Happy Scrabbling


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