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Tailor Your Scrabble Success

As well as knowing what to do with great letters like RETINA and SATIRE it is important to know how to deal with some common letter groups that don’t have as many options.

TAILOR may look as though it might be flexible letters but it doesn’t make bingos with very many letters. There is only:





TAILOR + S (4)


There are 4 words for you to find using the letter S, but all of the other combos only have one solution. It feels as though there should be more, but look on the bright side, there are only 9 words for you to find on this week’s quiz.

The answers to the quiz are at the bottom of the blog, but while you are thinking about that we can look at some words you should know to help with this combination.

They are all the 8 letter words with TAILOR plus an E. Those 7 letters are such a common bunch to hold yet there is no bingo. Because of that it is crucial that you know these 8 letter words that you might be able to play instead.

LABORITE Someone who supports workers’ rights

EROTICAL Of or pertaining to the passion of love

LORICATE To coat protectively or to armour

IDOLATER Someone who worships idols

TAILORED Fitted with clothes

AEROLITE A meteorite

FLOATIER Being more likely to float

AEROLITH A meteorite

AMITROLE A kind of herbicide

ROLAMITE Two or more rollers connected by a belt

ORIENTAL A type of rug

RELATION An association between people or things

TAILERON A part of a two piece tail plane

EPILATOR An agent used for removing hair

PETIOLAR Of or like a leafstalk

RETAILOR To refit with clothes

SOTERIAL Pertaining to salvation

LITERATO A learned man

VIOLATER Someone who violates

TRIAZOLE A compound molecule with 3 nitrogen and 2 carbon atoms

Those 8 letter words should come in very useful on the frequent occasions when TAILOR won’t make a 7 letter bingo.

It is time to look at the answers to the quiz:

ORBITAL Relating to an orbit

DILATOR Something that dilates

TOLARJI The monetary unit of Slovenia

LITORAL Pertaining to or on the seashore

ORALIST Someone who practices the oral method of teaching the deaf

RIALTOS Theatrical districts or marketplaces

SLIOTAR The ball used in the Irish game of hurling

TAILORS Fits with clothes

ORALITY The state of being produced orally

Finally, after Queen’s Birthday weekend, when the 2019 update is approved, there will be another word allowed in this combination – TOPRAIL

Happy Scrabbling


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