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One Out Of The Box

There are 10 words on this week’s quiz, all about words that end in the letters BOX.

Those 10 words are all 6 letter words that end with BOX. Everybody should be able to think of some of those words, so have a go before you get to the answers.

The answers are not at the end this week, they are in the middle of the blog. That is because I am going to cover 5 letter words ending in BOX, then 6 letter words and finally sevens

Firstly the 5 letter words:

EMBOX To remove from a box

INBOX A folder in which incoming messages are stored

UNBOX To remove from a box

There is a trap here that needs to be pointed out. The very reasonable sounding word of *rebox* is not allowed. It is definitely worth remembering that it is no good. In the Trans-Tasman last year a member of the Australian team played *reboxing* against me. It was near the end of a closely fought game, so I was delighted to be able to challenge it off.

Now the answers to the quiz on the 6 letter words.

I hope you found at least a few of these:

HATBOX A box for keeping a hat

HAYBOX A box for storing hay, for animals to eat from

HOTBOX To smoke marijuana in a confined area until it is full of smoke

ICEBOX A cabinet for keeping food cool

JAWBOX A Scottish word for a sink

OUTBOX To surpass in boxing

PEGBOX The part of some stringed instruments for holding the tuning pegs

SKYBOX An enclosure of seats high in a stadium

TEABOX A box for storing te leaves

TOYBOX A box for storing toys

There are 31 words of 7 letters ending in BOX, although 2 of them would need a blank to be played as they have a double K or double Z

BANDBOX A box for holding bands, caps, millinery, etc

BEATBOX To use a kind of drum machine

BOOMBOX A powerful radio and cassette recorder

CAKEBOX A box for holding cakes

CASHBOX A box for containing money

COALBOX A box for storing coal

FAREBOX A receptacle for fares on a bus

FEEDBOX A box for animal feed

FIREBOX A chamber in which fuel is burned

FUZZBOX A device to distort the sound of an electronic guitar

It is worth pausing for just a moment to note the incongruity of allowing FUZZBOX but not *fuzebox* or *fusebox*. Is a box where the household fuses are found such a uniquely New Zealand thing that the rest of the world is oblivious to the word?

GEARBOX An automotive transmission

HELLBOX A printer’s receptacle for broken pieces of type

JUKEBOX A coin operated gramophone

KICKBOX to box with hands and feet

LISTBOX A box on a computer screen with a list of options

LOCKBOX A box which can be locked

MAILBOX A box for posting mail

PILLBOX A box for containing pills

POORBOX A box used to collect money for the poor

POSTBOX A pox for posting mail

SALTBOX A box for holding salt

SANDBOX A children’s playing box filled with sand

SEEDBOX Part of a plant that holds the seeds

SHOEBOX A box for holding a pair of shoes

SHOWBOX A showman’s box

SOAPBOX to give opinions to the public

TALKBOX A device for modulating a guitar’s sound to be speech-like

TOOLBOX A box for tools

TUCKBOX A box for storing and carrying food

WOODBOX A container for firewood

WORKBOX A box for holding work materials

I hope that you weren’t such a BRAINBOX that you knew all of those words

Happy Scrabbling


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