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I Only Have Eyes For You

The song says “I only have eyes for you” but sometimes the gods of scrabble mishear that and give you a group of letters where the only vowels are I’s.

If you are blessed with the right other letters you still might be able to play a bingo like INHIBIT, but most frequently you will be trying to play off two of your I’s in a shorter word.

One word that is frequently used in scrabble games is IWI because it is the only 3 letter word with two I’s.

However there is more scope in playing 4 letters made of 2 consonants and 2 I’s. There are 32 words that fit description. How many of them can you think of before you scroll down to see the answers?

While you are thinking of those I will start with 4 words that don’t fit that pattern because they have an additional vowel as well as the two I’s

ILIA The plural of ILIUM which is the anterior bone of the pelvis

INIA The plural of INION which is part of the skull

IXIA A flowering plant found in South Africa

HIOI A plant of the mint family found in New Zealand

As well as the 32 words I asked you to find there is also another worth mentioning

FIFI A kind of hook

This is a new word that will be allowed when CSW19 is adopted. So do not play it until after the Nationals at Queen’s birthday weekend

OK, here are the answers to this week’s quiz. How many of them did you think of?

BIDI A hand-rolled cigarette

DIVI To divide up

DIXI It means ‘I have spoken’ Latin

FINI Either finished or ruined. French.

HILI the plural of HILUS which is the point where a seed is joined to the stalk

IBIS A wading bird

IMID A class of organic compounds formed from ammonia

IMPI A regiment of Zulu warriors

INTI A monetary unit of Peru

IRID A plant of the iris family

IRIS A flower or part of the eye

ISIT Sometimes seeking confirmation but often used to show you are listening

IWIS Maori tribes

KIWI A flightless bird

LIRI The plural of LIRA the Italian currency before the Euro

MIDI A skirt or coat that extends to the middle of the calf

MIHI to greet ceremonially

MINI Something small of its type

MIRI The plural of MIR which is a Russian peasant commune

NIDI The plural of NIDUS which is a place for breeding

NISI Taking effect at a specified date unless otherwise cause is shown

PIKI Maize bread made in thin sheets

PILI A type of nut

PIPI An edible shellfish

SIMI A short two edged sword

SIRI A pepper

TIKI To take a scenic tour around an area

TIPI To give the form of a rainbow to something

TITI A small South American monkey

WILI The spirit of a girl who dies before her wedding day

WIKI A collaborative website with editable contents

ZITI A type of pasta like macaroni

There are two words that are not on that list which surprise me by their absence. They are HIFI and WIFI. Oh well, maybe they will be included in CSW23….

Happy Scrabbling Patrick

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