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Blanking Out Again

I have said before that it is sometimes hard to work with 2 blanks. How about trying this combination?

S S T T Y ? ?

There are a couple of easy ones, so any level of player could have a go at this challenge. Having said that, sometimes it is hard to spot even the easy ones when you are working with two blanks. However, only a very experienced player would find even 5 words. Getting all 8 possible answers would be very impressive.

As usual, the answers are a little further down the page.

I was inspired to create this challenge because a word list I did recently had several interesting words with SSTT. Have a look at these:

FUSTETS FUSTET is the wood of a West Indian tree when used for yellow dye

SHOTTES Young pigs. Particularly before they have been weaned

SHTETEL An East European Jewish community

SITFAST A lump on the skin of a horse

SUTTEES Hindu practices. Widow burns herself on her husband’s funeral pyre

TATSOIS TATSOI is a variety of Chinese cabbage

TIMISTS Performers who keep good time

TSANTSA The shrunken head of an enemy kept as a trophy

TSATSKE A cheap trinket

TUTRESS A female tutor

Those are 10 words that could be very useful, but are also very interesting.

Try not to bring any tsatskes or tsantsas to the next club night, but be a good timist or you will lose points at the end of the game.

So how did you go with the double blank challenge?

STYLIST One who is a master of a literary or rhetorical style

STYLETS Small poniards or stilettos

TYPISTS People who type

STATUSY Having status

STARTSY A spiritual advisor in the Eastern Orthodox Church

STEYEST STEY is Scots for steep, so STEYEST is the same as steepest


TYSTIES The Scottish word for the birds called Black Guillemots

I hope you learned something new in one of those lists

Happy Scrabbling


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