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Add Another Vowel

AINOP = __________ AINOP + A = __________

ADILU = __________ ADILU + A = __________

ADILU + E = __________

AALMU = __________ AALMU + I = __________

ELOUV = __________ ELOVU + E = __________

AABIL = __________ AABIL + E = __________

AABIL + U = __________

ADMOU = __________ ADMOU + A = __________

AGORU = __________ AGORU + E = __________

AGORU + I = __________

HIORU = __________ HIORU + O = __________

It is a frequent problem at scrabble that you have too many vowels on your rack. 5 letter words that have 3 vowels are often played to help balance your rack. With some of those words you can rearrange the letters and add yet another vowel. That turns them into a 6 letter word with 4 vowels, dumping an extra vowel and scoring more points

There are 19 words above, but I hope some of them will be new to you. Fill in the words you know and then look at the answers and learn some new words

PIANO Musical instrument

ANOPIA A visual defect, an upward squint

DULIA Holy veneration for saints and angels. Less than that for God

AUDIAL Related to hearing or sounds

AUDILE A person who thinks in terms of sounds

ULAMA A body of professional theologians

AUMAIL To put on enamel

OVULE The structure inside an ovary which contains an egg

EVOLUE A primitive person who has been improved by education

LABIA Folds of the vulva

ABELIA Evergreen shrub of the honeysuckle family

ABULIA Abnormal lack of ability to make decisions

DOUMA The Russian parliament

AMADOU A tinder made from fungi. Usually the horse hoof fungus

GOURA A large new guinea ground pigeon

AERUGO A green film that forms on copper

GIAOUR A term that the Turks use to describe an infidel

HOURI Virgins in Muslim paradise that are promised to true believers

ORIHOU A small NZ tree

Happy Scrabbling


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