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Getting to the Base

Thank you to Liz Fagerlund who contributed the quiz below - (Patrick)

In the first round of the “Virtual World Scrabble Cup” being played on ISC, Patrick was one of the 5 NZ players. NZ played Ireland.

In one of his games Patrick played AIRBASE, a not too difficult 7 letter word for him. He probably also knew that it had an anagram - (ARABISE)

There are a lot of words that end with BASE

– see how many you can find:

1 letter in front – ABASE (done for you – just too easy!)

2 letters (4 words)

3 letters (6 words) – 1 being Patrick’s AIRBASE

4 letters (6 words)

5 letters (2 words)

7 letters!! (1 word)

Just while you are thinking about words that end in BASE here are a few words that start with BASE which would be very cool to play


Volunteers who enforce the Islamic dress code for women. Also spelled BASIJ


A small African hunting dog


A short sword or dagger from the fifteenth century

The Answers to the Quiz

2 letter front hooks

DEBASE To lower or degrade

EMBASE An alternative word for DEBASE

IMBASE An alternative word for DEBASE

REBASE To set a new foundation

3 letter front hooks

AIRBASE A centre for controlling aircraft

DIABASE An igneous rock or basalt

FANBASE The body of fans for a celebrity

ISOBASE A contour line where the land has been equally raised

SUBBASE The lowest part of a base

SURBASE A border above the base of a structure

4 letter front hooks

DATABASE A collection of data in a computer

FIREBASE A military base from which guns are fired

FREEBASE To refine cocaine by heating it with ether

KILOBASE A length of a thousand pairs in a DNA chain

POSTBASE A morpheme used as a suffix after a base word

RHEOBASE The smallest amount of electricity needed to stimulate a nerve

5 letter front hooks

FLOATBASE A place on a river or lake where float planes dock (new in 2019),

WHEELBASE The distance between the front and rear axles

7 letter front hooks

COUNTERBASE Another name for a Double Bass (stringed instrument)

All the words take an S at the end, some take a D and/or an R as well, and BASE takes S, D, R and N. BASEN cannot be pluralised



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