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K - L - P

Sometimes I do a blog to reinforce an area of my own knowledge where I have been found wanting. In this case I was playing a game where my opponent played the word PALK. I wasn’t sure about it, but it seemed vaguely familiar so I didn’t challenge. Later in the game I put an S on it and PALKS was challenged off. When checking later I discovered that PALK wasn’t a word in the first place. That cost me the game, so the least I could do was make sure it didn’t cost me a valuable learning experience. The following are all the 4 and 5 letter words that use the letters K - L - P

4 Letter Words

KLAP To slap KELP To burn kelp seaweed. Takes a front hook to make the word SKELP KILP A type of large brown seaweed POLK To dance a polka PULK A Laplander’s sledge that is shaped like a boat

There is a pleasing symmetry to the fact that one four letter word can be made with each vowel. We have all played KELP a few times. When was the last time you played any of the other 4 words? And did you know that KELP was a verb? KILP is obviously a variant spelling of KELP, but in one of those idiosyncrasies of words we allow at scrabble, that spelling only applies to the noun.

5 Letter Words

Each of the 4 letter words can take an S, so I have not repeated them below:

KALPA Sanskrit for a period of 4 billion years. Takes a hook for KALPAC KELEP A stinging ant introduced into the USA from Guatemala KELPY A water horse. A legendary Scottish beast. Also KELPIE PALKI A litter to carry one passenger. Also PALANQUIN and PALKEE PIKUL A Chinese weight. Also PICUL PLACK A small copper coin formerly used in Scotland PLANK To cover with long flat pieces of timber PLINK To shoot at a tin can. Takes hooks to make UPLINK and PLINKY PLONK To fall or drop heavily. PLONKO / PLONKY are interesting hooks PLOOK A pimple. Takes hooks to make UPLOOK and PLOOKY PLOUK A pimple. Takes a hook to make PLOUKY PLUCK To pull out or cut off PLUNK To twang. Takes a hook to make PLUNKY POKAL A German drinking cup POLKA To dance a polka PULIK A long haired Hungarian sheepdog PULKA A Laplander’s sledge that is shaped like a boat SKELP To hustle SPELK A splinter of wood

Happy Scrabbling


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