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No, not a blog on Irish rock bands. I am sure you can figure out the theme, but I can’t cover the two classic U words of UHURU and URUBU. Then I would have had to call the blog U3. That doesn’t sound right at all!


A Grade Challenge


Unscramble these 8 letter words. They all have 2 U’s


A     C     E     O     S     T     U     U

A     E     F     I     L     T     U     U

D     E     G     N     O     R     U     U

A     E     I     N     T     T     U     U

E     N     O     R     R     T     U     U



B & C Grade Study List


This week we are going to look at all the 4 letter words that have 2 U’s.


BUBU – Long flowing garment worn in Mali

FUGU – Pufferfish. Very poisonous if eaten

GURU – Hindu spiritual teacher

HUHU – Hairy New Zealand beetle

JUKU – School that preps for University entrance exams

KUDU – Antelope with long spiral horns

KURU – Disease of the nervous system from New Guinea

KUTU – Body louse

KUZU – Thickening agent used in cooking 

LUAU – Hawaiian dish including coconut and octopus

LULU – Something outstandingly bad or impressive

MUMU – Long loose Hawaiian dress

PUDU – Small South American deer

PUKU – African antelope

PULU – Fibre obtained from a Hawaiian fern

PUPU – Asian foods served as an appetiser

RURU – New Zealand owl

SULU – Fijian cloth worn as a sarong

SUSU – Monetary funding arrangement between friends

TUTU – Ballerina’s skirt

ULUS – Inuit knives

UMUS – Maori ovens

UNAU – Two-toed sloth

URUS – Extinct bovine animal

UTUS – Settlements of debts

WUDU – Ritual washing before daily Islamic prayer

YUZU – Citrus fruit

ZULU – Two masted fishing vessel

That last meaning might be a bit of a surprise, but if you think about it the meaning couldn’t be the African tribe. Then we would spell it with a capital Z. That is why we don’t allow the word Maori.


Answers to A Grade Challenge

AUTOCUES – Text devices to assist newsreaders

FAUTEUIL – Enclosed seat in a theatre

UNROUGED – Not rouged

AUTUNITE – Fluorescent ore of uranium

TOURNURE – Graceful manner or deportment


Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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