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A Dozen Interesting Beetles - Apr 12

Playing on the internet the other day I got good scores for two words containing both a V and a W, both in the same game. Just like the VW beetle some of those words are a bit odd and worth learning

ADVEW - An old word for the verb to view

NAVEW - A wild Swedish turnip

VAWTE - To vault

WAVEY - Not a variation of WAVY, but a snow goose. WAVEYS is OK

VINEW - To become mouldy

VIEWY - Having odd opinions or views. VIEWIER and VIEWIEST

VROUW - A Dutchwoman. Also spelled VROU or VROW

VAWARD - The foremost part. A nice front hook for AWARD

AVOWRY - The act of justifying one's right in ownership of goods

VENEWE - An old spelling of VENUE

WHERVE A piece of wood used in spinning thread. Also WHARVE

VIEWLY - Pleasing to look at. Does not extend any further

Happy Scrabbling



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