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A Short Story

A squaw used a wuddy to catch a kawau and a whaup to sell to a vrouw who wanted to make wurst. She helped an oriental wuxia fanatic who had dwaumed with a whump while practicing wushu. He rewarded her with some wagyu. The birds would have been wojus compared to that so she unmewed them. They flew away from the waugh wauffing of her dog

You won't be nominating that for any short story awards unless it was for the most frequent use of words containing a W and a U. They are not letters that go together particularly well. Here are the meanings for the ones I used

SQUAW -- American Indian woman. Can be an offensive term

WUDDY -- A loop in a rope

KAWAU -- The black shag

WHAUP -- Great whaup is a curlew and lesser whaup is a whimbrel

VROUW -- Dutch woman

WURST -- German sausage

WUXIA -- Chinese fiction involving sword wielding heroes

DWAUM -- Swoon

WHUMP -- Thump

WUSHU -- Chinese martial art

WAGYU -- High quality Japanese beef

WOJUS -- Inferior or low quality

UNMEW -- Release from captivity

WAUGH -- Bark

WAUFF -- Bark

Happy Scrabbling



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