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A Tidier Solution

Julie tried the word DITTIER against me on Monday. A good try, as there are lots of interesting words that start with DITT. DITT, DITTO and DITTY are all verbs, not adjectives. DITTED, DITTIED, DITTOED, DITTING, DITTOING and DITTYING are all allowed. DITTIT is a Scots word that means to block. And it is indeed a good blocker because you cannot add an S. DITTAY is a legal charge in Scottish law and DITTANY is a plant of the mint family. All those words that start with DITT, but not the one that Julie wanted. However there was a word she could have played as you will see when you get to the study list

A Grade Challenge

5 words of 8 letters that include TIDIER


T     I     D     I     E     R     C     U     

T     I     D     I     E     R     A     C

T     I     D     I     E     R     H     S   

T     I     D     I     E     R     B     L

T     I     D     I     E     R     A     G   


B & C Grade Study List


TIDIER takes the following extra letters to make bingos:


C – DICTIER. From DICTY meaning snobbish

– ICTERID. An American bird


– TIDDIER. From TIDDY meaning small


N – INDITER. Someone who indites

– NITRIDE. A compound of nitrogen

O – DIORITE. A granular igneous rock

P – RIPTIDE. A tide that opposes other tides

– TIDERIP. Disturbed sea due to currents



– DITSIER. From DITSY meaning eccentric

– TIDIERS. People who tidy

T – TRITIDE. A compound of tritium

X – EDITRIX. A female editor

Z – DITZIER. From DITZY meaning eccentric

Answers to A Grade Challenge


DIURETIC – A medicine that increases urine flow

RATICIDE – A substance for killing rats

DISHERIT – To deprive of an inheritance

TRILBIED – Wearing a trilby

DIGERATI – People who make fortunes on internet commerce


Happy Scrabbling




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