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ANZAC words

As tomorrow is ANZAC Day I thought we could look at some of the 5 letter words that have a Z in the middle. First up there is a group of words that end in –AZOO:

BAZOO -- American slang for the mouth

GAZOO -- A toy musical instrument

KAZOO -- A toy musical instrument

RAZOO -- An imaginary coin. “Not worth a brass razoo”

WAZOO -- A person’s bottom

Worth remembering that group so that you don’t always focus on AZO or ZOA when you get those 3 letters.

Another group worth checking is words that end in ZAL, ZEL, or ZIL

BEZEL -- The oblique side of a cut gem BEZIL -- The oblique side of a cut gem FUZIL -- A type of flintlock musket GAZAL -- An Arabic verse form. Also GHAZAL and GHAZEL HAZEL -- A tree of the birch family OUZEL -- A European bird of the thrush family PUZEL -- A maid SIZEL -- Scrap metal

There are quite a lot of words that fit this category, so to keep this to a manageable size for most people to learn I will just finish with 5 more unrelated words. I wouldn't want to keep you up late, you might oversleep and miss dawn service!

AIZLE -- A scottish word for hot ashes

CEZVE -- A small metal coffee pot

MAZUT -- Petroleum residue after distillation. Also MAZOUT

MUZAK -- Piped Background music

NIZAM -- A native sovereign of Hyderabad, India

Happy Scrabbling



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