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Aye Aye - 20/01/2021

I is quite a useful letter, particularly in -IER, -IEST and -ING endings. However it is quite a common letter so getting 3 of them on your rack at the same time is a familiar problem. When that happens it is important that you play two of them, so knowing all the 4 letter words like MINI and KIWI can be a very useful rack balancing tool. Here are 12 of the less well known ones:

BIDI - A hand rolled cigarette. Also BEEDI and BEEDIE

FIFI - A type of hook

HIOI - New Zealand plant of the mint family

IMPI - A regiment of Zulu warriors

INTI - A monetary unit of Peru

MIHI - A ceremonial Maori greeting

MIRI - A Russian peasant commune

NIDI - The plural of NIDUS which is a breeding place

PIKI - Maize meal bread made by Hopi Indians from Arizona

PILI - The nut of burseraceous trees. Also called a PILINUT

TIPI - Alternative spelling of an Indian tent. TEPEE and TEEPEE

TITI - A small South American monkey. Also called OUISTITI

Because OUISTITI has three syllables with an EE sound it is used by French photographers to get their subjects to smile. In just the same way as an English speaking photographer might ask you to say CHEESE the equivalent request in France is likely to be OUISTITI.

Happy Scrabbling



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