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Bullfighting Vowels

Alexander played a nice bingo on Monday night. It was the letters DRRT combined with 4 vowels, so I wondered how many words would fit that category. There are 6 words that have one answer. There is also the anagram pair of REROUTED and RETOURED.

A Grade Challenge

Perhaps not the toughest A Grade challenge I have ever presented. Other players should have a go at this one as well. You should find at least 2 of the answers.

These are the 6 words mentioned in the preamble that are DRRT + 4 vowels. The first is the word which Alexander played on Monday


D     R     R     T     A     E     O     O

D     R     R     T     E     I     O     U

D     R     R     T     A     A     I     O

D     R     R     T     A     E     I     O

D     R     R     T     E     E     E     I

D     R     R     T     A     A     E    O


B & C Grade Study List


I had a struggle with awkward letters on Monday night. One rack that will feel familiar to all scrabble players was AEEEIIO. Fortunately there was an R on the board and with a couple of hooks from the letters next to it I was able to score 17 and leave just AIO on my rack by playing EERIE.

There are 29 words of 5 letters that contain 4 vowels and just one consonant. Knowing them all can certainly be helpful on a day when the letters are not flowing as you would like

AALII – Hawaiian tree

ADIEU – Goodbye

AECIA – A cup-shaped fungus

AERIE – Nest of a bird of prey

AIDOI – Plural of AIDOS which means shame

AINEE – A French word for senior or elder

AIOLI – Garlic mayonnaise

AIYEE – An interjection used to indicate alarm

AQUAE – Water

AREAE – A Latin plural of AREA

AUDIO – A reproduction of sounds

AULOI – Plural of AULOS, a wind instrument

AURAE – Plural of AURA, a subtle emanation

BOOAI – A remote place

COOEE – To cry out shrilly

EERIE – Uncanny

LOOIE – Lieutenant

LOUIE – Lieutenant

MIAOU – To make the sound of a crying cat

OIDIA – Plural of OIDIUM, a type of fungal spore

OORIE – Dingy or shabby

OUIJA – A board for communicating with the dead

OURIE – Dingy or shabby

QUEUE – To line up for service

URAEI – Plural of URAEUS an Egyptian royal symbol

ZOAEA – A larval stage of crabs. Also ZOEA

ZOEAE – Plural of ZOEA

ZOOEA – A larval stage of crabs

Answers to A Grade Challenge


TOREADOR – A bullfighter. Especially one on horseback

OUTRIDER – A mounted carriage attendant

RADIATOR – A heating device

ADROITER – More skillful

REITERED – Reiterated

AERODART – Arrowheaded missile dropped by an aircraft

Did the bullfighting reference in the title help you spot Alexander's bingo?


Happy Scrabbling



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