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Common Bingos with Vowels

This is not a blog for A Graders who already know all these words. For B and C Graders I thought we could look at the 15 commonest 7 letter bingos that don’t have an anagram, but have at least 4 vowels.

Of those 15 words there were 3 really simple ones – GOATIER, ISOLATE and ROUTINE. That just leaves 12 for you to check you know and wouldn’t miss them.

ALIENER – Someone who transfers property

ANEROID – A sort of barometer

ANISOLE – A colourless liquid ether

ATONIES – Plural of ATONY, muscular debility

DARIOLE – A small cylindrical mould used in cooking

ERASION – The act of rubbing out

ETAERIO – An aggregated fruit like a blackberry

ETESIAN – A NW wind in the Mediterranean Sea

INERTIA – The tendency to resist acceleration

LINEATE – Marks with lines. (Takes a D hook but not an S)

ORIGANE – Wild marjoram

OUTEARN – To surpass in earning

Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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