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Don't Foch Up

On Monday I saw a game between two A graders where FOCH had been allowed to go unchallenged. It is most definitely wrong, but it inspired the subject of this week’s blog.

If two A graders can not only play it but leave it unchallenged then obviously some work on CH words could be useful

A Grade Challenge

5 words of 7 letters that include CH


C     H     A     A     I     P     T

C     H     A     B      I     O     T   

C     H     A     A     D     M     R

C     H     A     A      R     T     U     

C     H     A     G     I     N     T   


B & C Grade Study List


CH is often played as a 2 letter word and then someone puts A, E, I or O in front of it to make ACH, ECH, ICH or OCH.

Since those those words frequently get on the board that way it would be good to be confident about which letters can be hooked in front of them.

BACH   To live as a bachelor.

EACH   Every one taken separately.

GACH   To behave boastfully

MACH   A number relating to the speed of sound

NACH   An Indian entertainment involving dancing girls

RACH   A dog that hunts by scent

TACH   Tachometer – device for measuring speed of rotation


EECH   To augment

HECH   An exclamation of surprise

LECH   To engage in lechery

MECH   An abbreviation for mechanic

PECH   To pant

SECH   A deliberately exaggerated cut

TECH   A technical college

YECH   Something disgusting


DICH   A Shakespearean phrase for “do it”

LICH   A dead body – also LYCH

MICH   To play truant

RICH   To grow wealthy

SICH   An archaic form of such

TICH   A small person

WICH   A type of tree - the wich elm. Also WYCH elm


COCH   A coach

LOCH   A lake

MOCH   To become mouldy or spoiled.

ROCH   A seabird called a little auk.


I have noticed Mike Currie likes to create little mnemonic phrases. It isn’t my methodology, but every has their own learning techniques, so I thought I would make some up for the letters that go in front of ACH, ECH, ICH and OCH. Mike might particularly like the 3rd one!


Letters in front of ACH:

Bingos Every Game Must Need Relentless Training

Letters in front of ECH:

Extra Heavy Lorries Must Pay Special Taxes Yearly


Letter in front of ICH:

Diligent Learner Mike Registers Scrabble Tournament Win

Letters in front of OCH:

150,000 Romans

Do you remember your Roman Numerals?

100 = C, 50 = L, 1,000 = M and Romans = R

Yes, Roman Numerals don’t quite work that way, but just say the number out loud as HUNDRED and FIFTY THOUSAND and the mnemonic works.

Answers to A Grade Challenge

CHAPATI   A thin piece of unleavened bread

COHABIT   To live together

DRACHMA   Greek monetary unit

AUTARCH   An absolute ruler

GNATHIC   Of, or pertaining to, the jaw



Happy Scrabbling




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