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Double Cameron

As a warm up for scrabble tonight here is a double CAMERON quiz.

Inspired of course by the result in the golf this morning. The winner of the British Open was Cameron Smith and 2nd place was taken by Cameron Young.

The first quiz is:

What are the two 7 letter words you can make from CAMERON?

There are two words you can play.

That leads us to the second quiz:

You have CAMERON on your rack but cannot play either of the two possible 7 letter words. What 8 letter words could you make if the right letter was available on the board?

The 7 letter words are: -- ROMANCE and CREMONA

Cremona is an ancient German wind instrument with a double reed. It has a lot of alternative spellings that would be lovely to play: CREMORNE, CROMORNA, CROMORNE, CRUMHORN, KRUMHORN and KRUMMHORN

For the second quiz:

S obviously allows you to play ROMANCES or CREMONAS

A would enable you to play AMORANCE which is the state of being in love

B would allow you to play BROMANCE. A close, but not romantic, relationship between two men. What a great front hook for ROMANCE!

D or R can be used to play ROMANCED or ROMANCER

H can be incorporated into the word CHOREMAN. A menial worker

I can be used to play CORAMINE which is a performance enhancing drug that athletes are not allowed to take

L can be used to take either of two related words. CORNMEAL - as the name suggests it is meal made from corn - or AMELCORN - a German variety of wheat

O makes COENAMOR - Mutual love. The U.S. spelling of COENAMOUR

U makes the word CUMARONE. A liquid derived from coal tar

Happy Scrabbling



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