Double Eye A - May 10

Here are some useful 5 letter words that include the letters IIA

AALII Hawaiian tree

ALIBI The plea of being elsewhere at the relevant time

BIALI Onion roll, also spelled BIALY

IAMBI A term in poetic rhythm. Takes a C hook for IAMBIC

TIBIA Leg below the knee. TIBIAE, TIBIAL & TIBIAS are OK

BIVIA Plural of BIVIUM, part of an echinoderm

CILIA A short, hairlike projection from a cell

ILIAC About the pelvic bone. ILIACI is the plural of ILIACUS

AMICI The plural of AMICUS, a legal expert witness

ACINI The plural of ACINUS a small saclike part of a gland

ILIAD A long poem

INDIA The international radio code word for the letter I

AIDOI Plural of AIDOS, a word for shame or modesty

OIDIA Plural of OIDIUM, a type of fungal spore

RADII The plural of RADIUS, a bone of the arm

ATIGI A kind of parka worn in Canada. Also ARTIGI

VIGIA An inscription on a chart warning of danger

SHIAI A Japanese judo competition

ARIKI The first born of a notable Maori family

ILIAL About the pelvic bone. Takes F in front for FILIAL

MILIA The plural of MILIUM, a small white lump on the skin

AIOLI Garlic flavoured mayonnaise

LITAI A former monetary unit of Lithuania

ANIMI The resin of a West Indian tree. Also ANIME

IMARI A type of Japanese porcelain

PIANI A musical term for loudness. Also PIANIC

PIRAI An alternative spelling of the fish PIRANHA

IXIAS Flowering plants of South Africa

That is 28 words. However I feel confident that you already knew some of them, so cross those off and just learn the ones that are new to you

Happy Scrabbling


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