Double U Fives - 29/12/2020

The inspiration for this was just me playing one of these words

Words with UU are not well known, particularly if they don't have a Q

I hope you can play one of the words below sometime. But beware!

Playing UU usually means your next pickup includes the Q!

AHURU - A small pink cod of the Soth Pacific

AURUM - The Latin name for gold

BUCHU - An African medicinal plant. Also spelled BUCKU

BUCKU - An African medicinal plant. Also spelled BUCHU

BUNDU - A remote uncultivated region

BUTUT - A monetary unit of Gambia (1/100 of a DALASI)

HUDUD - A set of laws and punishments specified in the Koran

KAURU - The edible stem of the New Zealand cabbage tree

KUDZU - An ornamental plant of China and Japan

MUNTU - An offensive word for a black African

TUKTU - The native name for the caribou. Also spelled TUKTOO

Happy New Year


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