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Fixing A RETINA for good bingo vision

It can be very annoying when you get a very good letter group on your rack, but the seventh letter is one of the few that just do not make a bingo. When that happens you usually just have 1 point tiles and can only get a very small score, particularly if you don’t want to break up your good letter group

A good example is ARETINA. Any scrabble players is delighted to see 6 of those tiles, but that second A is a disappointment. All is not lost because there are 13 different letters you might find on the board through which to play an 8 letter word

B – ATABRINE – A yellow powder used to treat malaria B – RABATINE – A Scottish word for a low collar

C – CARINATE – Shaped like the keel of a ship. An adjective. C – CRANIATE – An animal that has a skull

D – DENTARIA – Several types of herbs that have scaly roots D – RAINDATE – An alternative date in case of rain

G – AERATING – Allowing air to act on something

J – NAARTJIE – Small sweet orange similar to a mandarin

M – ANIMATER – Someone who makes animated films M – MARINATE – To soak in seasoned liquid before cooking

O – AERATION – Exposure to the action of air

P – ANTIRAPE – Concerned with rape prevention

S – ANTISERA – Serums that contain antibodies S – ARTESIAN – A well that does not need a pump S – RATANIES – South American shrubs S – RESINATA – A white wine from Greece S – SANTERIA – A Caribbean religion

S – SEATRAIN – A ship that can transport railroad carriages

T – ATTAINER – Someone who reaches or achieves something T – REATTAIN – To reach again

U – INAURATE – To cover with gold

W – ANTIWEAR – Designed to reduce wear. An adjective.

Z – ATRAZINE – A type of weedkiller

Happy Scrabbling



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