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Having the Right Money is Good PR

Continuing with the monetary theme from the last two blogs.....

PAISA --- India, Pakistan and Nepal

PATACA --- Portugal, Malta and Macau

PENGO --- Hungary

PESETA --- Spain and a lot of South America

PIASTRE --- Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

PULA --- Botswana

QUETZAL --- Guatemala --- also QUEZAL

RAND --- South Africa

RENMINBI --- China

RIAL --- Morrocco, Oman and Yemen

RIEL --- Cambodia

RINGGIT --- Malaysia

RIYAL --- Iran

RUBLE --- Russia and Eastern Bloc --- Also ROUBLE

RUBEL --- Belarus --- Plural RUBLI (in addition to RUBELS)

RUPEE --- India

RUPIAH --- Indonesia --- Also RUPIA

I have been generating this list by checking through a wikipedia page on currencies and coins, checking them for being valid at scrabble. I ignore those that are too obvious such as POUND and DOLLAR and those that are too long such as REICHSMARK. However I had noticed there are some that are missing. For example: Two Roman coins DENARIUS and SENARIUS. If you didn't know their very useful plurals of DENARII and SENARII they are well worth committing to memory. Very common letters and they don't have any other anagrams. I am mentioning them in this blog because I actually got to play a different Roman coin word against Rodney last week --- SEXTARII --- the plural of SEXTARIUS. It is nice when a word you have known for a while finally pops up on your rack!

Happy Scrabbling



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