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I'll Drink To That

My most interesting play last week was CHENIX, a word about which I wasn’t 100% sure. However, Val and Lawson both knew it was good and that it had an alternative spelling I didn’t know --- CHOENIX. That makes it like PHENIX and PHOENIX. Other words ending in NIX are FORNIX, VERNIX and a small bird called a COTURNIX.

A bit hard to make a blog about that though, so I have gone to the PUB instead.


A Grade Challenge


The Challenge this week is a little different and asks you to find a play that even Nigel Richards might be proud of. On the other hand, you get to pick your own letters.

Your opponent starts the game with the word PUB. The U is placed in the middle of the board.

Can you make a word of 10 letters using PUB to get a Triple Word score? Remember that your word cannot start with PUB. Although PUBLICIZED would be very nice it would go off the side of the board because there are only 6 spaces either side of PUB.

There is only one answer that will get you the Triple Word score, but the secondary challenge is that there are 5 other 10 letter words that will fit on the board. How many can you find?

B & C Grade Study List


There are 6 words of 4 letters that can be made with PUB, but I am sure you already know PUBE, BUMP, BURP and PUBS. That just leaves two to learn:

BAPU   A spiritual father

UPBY   A little further on.

PUB plus another 2 letters to make a 5 letter word has 13 possibilities. I will list 10 of them, only excluding PUBES, BUMPS and BURPS.

BAPUS   Spiritual fathers

BUMPH   Worthless paperwork

BUMPY   Describing an uneven surface

BUPPY   Black Urban Professional. Like YUPPY but black.

PLUMB   To determine the depth of something

PUBCO   A company operating a chain of pubs

PUBIS   A bone of the pelvis

PUBIC   Relating to the pubis

UPBOW   Type of stroke playing a string instrument

UPBYE   A little further on


Answers to A Grade Challenge


The ‘Nigel’ play is:




The other five words are:








I hope you enjoyed the different format for the challenge.


Happy Scrabbling




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